Saturday 7 July 2012

Decoy Country Park - Newton Abbot

Decoy country park is a free entry park in Newton Abbott (by the penn inn roundabout behind sainsburys and mcdonalds). 

It has all sorts - play park with wet play area, a lake, watersports, picnic area, sports pitches, swans, ducks, walks with little "activities" all around it. There's a leaflet available by the entrance with a tick sheet of birds to spot. 

Nesting Swan

Swan on the lake

Luffly day out for a couple of hours, especially in the summer and if you have little hoomans or want to try some watersports, enjoy a picnic and a nice walk. Can get a little muddy when we have had recent rain.

There is areas where the doggys are allowed off lead but some areas they have stay on a lead. (There's signs to tell you when you can take leads off and again when you have put them back on!)

Myself watching the swans and enjoying the views!

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