Thursday 20 December 2012

Products as recommended by Cat Greyhound

We often get asked where we got various things from whilst we are out on adventures. So I thought I'd write a post on ALL the things Cat wears (not all at the same time I must point out!), her favourite treats and her regular foods.

Cat's main walking collars - Cats collars came from Whippety doo dah - They have various fabric options available and their collars come in either martingale or clips (like the ones in the photo) The collars are 10 pounds each and fit a 12-14 inch neck (though you can ask them nicely for a different sizing if you need it) 

Cats house collars/tag collars - As you have probably noticed Cat has a whole range of house/tag collars that she alternates between during the year! 
Modelling the Christmas collar 

Christmas snowflake collar - Cats most recent collar is her Christmas collar. Its red with white snowflakes on and we got it from a page on facebook called "love my dogs" They are based on Coventry and their collars come in 3 sizes. 
Small Collars - 9" - 13" (23cm - 33cm) Webbing Width 20mm
Medium Collars - 10" - 16" (25cm - 40cm) Webbing Width 25mm
Large Collars - 14" - 24" (35cm - 61cm) Webbing Width 25mm

Donkey collar - The blue collar with colourful donkeys comes from the gift shop at the donkey sanctuary in Sidmouth (also available on their website

Cats Tags -  Cat recently got new ID tags for her collars. They were made for her by  Sue's Pet Tags who makes lots different ones to sale. 
She kindly sent Cat three (3) all different ones and they are very nice, and very good quality. They are engraved on both sides - one side has our fone numbers and the other side has "I'm chipped please scan me" (but you can have anything you want on them!) 

Bandannas - Catty wears bandannas alot in the summer and she has about 20 now including ones she got from events we attended over the summer. 

There are 2 main companies that Cat gets her bandannas from which are Milgi coats and Jenns Knits  both are very good quality and has alot of options to choose from. 
Wearing my Jenns knits badanna on my head to keep cool
Christmas bandanna from Milgi Coats

Cats Jacket - Cat has a racing jacket with her name and the websites details on to help people pick her out of a crowd when we go to events! 
We got it from Saint Roch on Ebay
They also sale jackets with various slogans to encourage people to adopt greyhounds or to tell people that your dog is in training or scared or whatever. 

Pyjamas - Cat has 2 pairs of pyjamas for when she's off on camping adventures. They are both from Samantha Scott who sales them on Ebay and her Facebook page (the links SHOULD take you direct to her selling pages). 

Walking coat - Cat's walkies coat is from Milgi Coats, its one of their fleece lined walking out coats. You can read more about it on her review 

Some of the food products Cat recommends

Wagg worker kibbles -  Cats main daily food is Wagg worker (Beef and Veg flavour). See her review here. Keeping her "healthy from nose to tail" 

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