Tuesday 19 February 2013

Becky Falls - Dartmoor National Park

So since hooman girl went and got herself a new job her hasn't been home soopa lots (Dont worry I'm not being left alone; my hooman boy is looking after me!) so this morning her did get up and say to my ownself "Cat, would you like to go on an adventure?" I did say "hmmm, well I had planned on doing some snoozing then swapping sofas and doing some snoozing on that one too. and that's just BEFORE lunch. But okays I guess I can snooze laterz!"

We packed a bag ...

  • My Milgi Coats coat
  • My cardigan 
  • My demontforts treat bag and some treats
  • My water bottle
  • A towel 
  • A torch
  • Hooman drinks
  • Cheesy snozzage rolls, cereal bar, pack of crisps
  • Poop bags
  • The Camera 
                                                   ... and I got my lead , put my car harness on and off we went!

We had to drive for a bit so I did some snoozing in the back seat of the car whilst hooman girl told the wheelies where to go and then I did wake up and recognise the road we wuz on and got quite hexcited- this is where I did running and playing wiff my pointy fwends  - but hooman girl said "No Cat, we not going to see the pointy noses today. We going walkies just me and yoo OKs?" pfft no fairs! 

So after a bit more driving hooman girl stopped the wheelies, wound down the window (well pressed a button and the window opened itself) and talked to a man. The man took us pennies and gave us a sticker and told us to park the wheelies and walk towards the yellow signs. We did do that. When we got out the wheelies I was soopa hexcited to get started with my hexploring and I wouldn't stand still and wait fur hooman girl to get the bag, lock the car and put my coat on me. Her had to hold me still and tell me "No" and "Wait" quite a lot times bepaw her cud get my coat on me and do it up. but finally her was finished fussing and tutting and off we set! 

We had to cross the road and walk down a hill 

Where are we?
and then we came to the cafe area, I had a good look through the windows of the cafe (but it's not dog friendly) but there is benches outside what you can sit on to eat noms if you are a hooman with a dog. 

So it turns out we are at "Becky Falls" - We have been here before quite a few years ago on my 1st ever holiday after I was adopted - read about that visit here

First we had a look over the fence at the river flowing along nicely 

and then we saw the goats in their paddock (he's got some rocks to climb too)

 Next we had to cross a bridge to get to the walks

Reminds me of this story ...

So yeah any way ... we trip trapped across the bridge to the other side where we had to choose the blue path or the red path.

We choose to go on the red path what said "slippery when wet, steep and rough in places. for the fit and well shod." - but I dont have .. shods! 

We walked along the path and jumped down the steps and then I climbed on a big rock and posed for some photos.

 Then I stopped to admire the views from uptop the steps...

... then walked down the steps to look at it close up

There was another bridge across this part of the river/waterfall what we needed to cross to get to the other side. "why did the greyhound cross the bridge? to get to the other side" 

After the bridge there was quite a tricky bit to do what was climbing up some rocky steps - it was quite tricky to find places to put my feet to climb up it and to do good jumpings and I did a little cry coz I was a bit scared and confused but hooman girl held my collar and told me to jump and I did and her caught me and it was okays.

Here I am looking and deciding what to do 

There was lots of things to look at and sniff along the way, I really liked watching the waterfall and river and jumping and climbing over all the rocks and tree roots. 
We came to the "money tree" and put 20p in it so that the serpent wouldn't get us during the 2nd half our walk. 

Can you see our 20p?

We walked on some more and got to the top of the waterfall - wooohooo. It was luffly to look at and look back down it to the bridge what we crossed earlier.

 and ofcourse I posed for fotos by it. 

After stopping her for a little bit, we had walk a little more and climb some BIG rocks and then we were at the end! It took us 45 mins to do the whole red route including stopping to take over 100 fotos which I think is pretty impressive.

Proud pointy face!!! 
You actually do have to climb a few more rocks and some steps AFTER this point (what's that all about?) 

Once we were back to the beginning bit we stopped to look at the wabbits 

Final thoughts, pro's, con's and important informations

  • There are 2 main walks - the blue and red walks - and a 3rd purple route that forks off the red walk. so covers all most ability levels
  • It costs 7.25 to get in for an adult (Dogs are free!) which includes car parking too
  • Check out the website http://www.beckyfalls-dartmoor.com/ for opening times, prices, etc
  • Dogs aren't allowed in the cafe or gift shop or inside the pet area (apparently we might eat the wabbits or something)
  • Bring with you plenty of water (for hounds and hoomans) coz you might get soopa hot and thirsty during the walkies. 
  • Hoomans should make sure them wearing good shoes (as in walking boots not their fancy best shoes) if you intend to take them on the red path 
  • Carry a 1st aid kit "just incase" 
  • None of the walks are wheelchair/pushchair fwendly so dont bring thems. You can hire baby carriers if yoo need dems.
  • There are alot of things to climb and some places are very tricky so make sure you practice some climbing and jumping before you go (unless yoo like a wabbit dog and yoor hoomans can lift yoo)
  • Bring a camera!!!

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