Thursday 23 January 2014

Harbour House Cafe - Kingsbridge TQ7

Harbour House Cafe
1st Floor, Harbour House, The Promenade
Kingsbridge, Devon TQ7 1JD
Tel: 01548 855666

Today we paid a visit to the Harbour House Cafe in Kingsbridge which is inside of the Harbour House Gallery for Art and Yoga

It's a really nice building with a nice art gallery on the bottom floor and the cafe on the 2nd floor and lots of other rooms that has "classes" for hoomans like yoga, meditation, shiatsu, kung fu, tai chi and pilates. (I had a look in some of the rooms on  my way out!) 

A weekly schedule for the "house"

So we headed on in and had to go up some stairs to get to the cafe, these were quite steep and I didn't like them (and liked them even less on way out!) but apparently you can enter via the garden instead - I didn't see any lifts for hoomans with pawly legs! As soon as we entered the cafe som hoomans did saying heywo to mahself and admired my coat. There was 2 little Iggys (Italian Greyhounds) sat in a corner with their hoomans haffing lunch so we headed over to say hi to them first thing before finding a seat and choosing our own lunch - There was plenty of space today as they weren't very busy. 

My girl chose Vegetable bake with a walnut crumble topping and a raspberry crush drink and my boy chose falafel with humus and pitta and a coffee (Did I mention it was a vegetarian cafe?)  The service was quite quick and the food was good. The vegetable bake was soopa tasty and had lots different vegetables in and you could taste them all individually (There was parsnip and carrots and potatoes and tomatoes and sweet potato plus more too) it came with a roll - well half a roll technically - which was very nice too and a salad. The falafel was a little dry but still very tasty and it did come with dips and things so that helped lots. 
After lunch the hoomans did some looking at the photography canvas' that were on the walls and mostly did noting down the names of the places featured in them for future research and then they decided on some cake. 

"We encourage our visitors to eat well but we also see no wrong in the occasional indulgence of a carrot cake or chocolate torte!"

We had the coffee cake and the lemon drizzle cake to share - I got to try both and they were very nommy indeed! 

Then we headed out - Once I had checked out the room at the top the stairs - It was a soopa visit. We finished up our trip with a walk around the town (very steep hill), a trip to the pet shop and a walk by the harbour. 

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