Greyt dog meet events

Hey Fwends. Guess what. Me (Cat Greyhound) is branching out to be a event organiser. yes that's right. I was doing some thinkings on Tuesday last week and I did thinking I would LOVE to meet with my fwends from the twitter and the facebook and so I did asking thems if they would like to do meeting and come visit some nice places with me too. So after some talking with my hoomans and some talking with my fwends. we decided that there will be a greyt dog meet (you like what I did there? Greyt. not great. coz I a greyhound. haha) 

The first one was in South Devon on Sat 24th March and Sunday 25th March 2012, Some houndies stayed for the weekend and some came just for the 1st day. We did walking on the beach and paddling in the sea and eating ice creams and chips and we did going to the donkey sanctuary and doing lots of snuffling and sniffing and I did make goody bags (or doggy bags) for every hound that comed. I wrote all about what we got up to here.

I have decided to go one step further and in March 2013 will be hosting a greyt dog meet event. There will be charity stalls, stalls selling doggy products (treats, accessories, toys, etc), stalls for the hoomans to shop at, A fun family dog show, the greyhound picnic, and more. 

Please keep checking back here and look out for the event invites. It's going to be a greyt day.