Wednesday 19 October 2011

Becky falls - TQ13 9UG

Visited Becky falls whilst on holiday near by with my family. It was a bit of a drive to get to the car park and for a while it felt like we were driving in to the middle of no where never to be seen again, but there are some lovely views on the way - just keep going and follow the signs the car park is up there somewhere.
You pull in to the car park and there's a little hut where the parking attendant will be waiting to take your fee and give you leaflets and information (and pretty orange stickers to show you have paid) he is very friendly and helpful and happy to answer any questions you might have.

Then a short walk back the way you came takes you down to the attraction, 1st you've got a little animal bit with goats and rabbits and birds of prey etc and a cafe and shop.

Then a little walkway (think its blue route) which takes you down past a river and on to the red route which is the "main" area where you start having to contend with big steps and slopes. It's a really nice walk, though a bit challenging (especially if like us your party is made up of an unfit 23 year old, her disabled brother, 65 year old father, plus one elderly dog and one injured dog. still we made it to the end). you can choose to turn back at any time and there is plenty of areas you can stop for a breather along the way. There are also nice things to look at, great views of the area and of the waterfall (stop to take fotos from the bottom of the falls, its a great view) also if you're feeling adventurous you can take to the boulders running across the bottom of the falls (we didn't!!!!). 

The last bit of the climb does involve climbing some huge rocks, which aren't too bad but the dogs didn't appreciate the idea at first and tried to turn back. Then you get to the sign congratulating you on your climb "you made it" yay!!! 

... but then you have walk back up some wooden steps and a rather steep slope back to the car park.
There's an amusing sign on the way back see if you can spot it.

A lovely day out, friendly staff, great views, great photo opportunities. Gift shop is nice but quite expensive and the same for the cafe but it isn't stocking generic stuff either. If you want to save some cash take your own water and snacks.

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