Friday 9 December 2011

Snuff Mills / Oldbury court estate. - BS16 2JH

We enjoy a semi - regular walk out at Snuff mills and Oldbury court estate in Fishponds Bristol. It is 3 miles north east of Bristol.  In fact it is our chosen walk venue for our post lunch Christmas day exercise.
There is a big field, lots of paw-paths, a river (with ducks), a big play park (though dogs aren't allowed in there), a bridge and a waterfall and 2 cafes with ice cream and sandwiches and cakes and drinks.
The parks name comes from the old mill on site, the mill was used to grind corn but the owner was known as "snuffy Jack". Oldbury court estate was designed by Humphrey Repton; although, the original house no longer exists on site the park is well known to locals as "Vassels" after the last family that lived there.

Depending on what kind of mood we are in we do one of two routes here. Some days (most times) we park in the big car park near the play park, walk down the long windy path under the tree's (if we're lucky we might spot a squirrel or ten here) then down the big steep hills towards the river; where we see ducks and usually lots and lots of dogs swimming and chasing sticks. We keep following the path along the river, past the waterfall until we get to the big bridge at the bottom. Here we usually turn back and go back up the way we just came but sometimes we turn left before the bridge and go up the really big hill to the field behind the play park. and sometimes we keep going and cross that bridge and follow the river some more before heading back.
Some days; usually if we are feeling very energetic or if its not been raining recently we park at the snuff mills end and do the route in reverse, which is nice and this sometimes means we get to have a picnic at the start under the trees by the car park and sometimes we bring our own picnic and blanket and we sit in the big field.

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