Wednesday 25 January 2012

Walk by the river and pub lunch - Saltford.

Heard the hoomans talking about a trip yesterday morning - it was raining!!!

About 11 o'clock they started doing the behaviours that usually come before a car ride and an adventure - you know filling bottles of water, getting batteries for the camera, doing some writing of the magic words to put in the machine in the car window that says "turn left" "recalculate!"

So we got in the car (I brought my new pillow along for the ride) and we went up the same big road we do when I go see the dogtor but when we got to the end the road we went the other way. We went in to a big car park outside a pub. The pub was called "Bird in Hand" BOL funny.


So I did some sitting here in this garden with the hoomans and we all shared a blackforest gateaux muffin cake - yuuum!!! Then after a bit more there was more food. Hooman girl had a big pie thing with vegetables and a weird red gravy. There menu says this about it ... 

Hooman girls lunch

                                                                                         VEGINNIA PIE (v) Our ‘Bird’ Chefs’made              Pie of goats cheese, roasted bell peppers,
red onion & sweet potato with a chasseur sauce

and hooman boy had a bacon roll and a coffee. 

Well we all shared the pie and I had some of the bacon too. It was all very very tasty and I could even chew some of the pie with my lack of teeth. The chips with the pie that hooman girl had weren't cooked proper but you cant have everything. Everything on the menu sounded yummy scrummy. No cheesy chips? really? boohiss (which is what the swans said). 

When we were done with eating we moved the car down the road a little (hooman girl did. me and hooman boy walked - we got there 1st) and went for a nice walk along the road that goes past the river. I saw men catching fish, and I saw swans and ducks and we met a lady with 2 dogs. one was a hound type but lurchery with maybe salukis in her. She barked ALOT because she was excited. You got be careful here though coz with it being a road there are cars and vans driving down it. The road goes all the way from the bird in hand pub along the river, past a boat shop and to another pub called the riverside which is next to a weir with narrow boats. Then we turned around and walked all the way back to the car. Stopping to talk to the barking dog and look at the swans which hissed at me. 

Nice walk for an hour by the river. Can make more of a day of it if you walked the Bristol - Bath railway path starting at Avon valley railway. Stop at the bird in hand for lunch. then walk down the river road to look at the swans and ducks. before walking back along the railway path to Avon Valley where you can have a coffee and snack before driving home. I'm sure there are other combinations of the route you can do too. Maybe walk it from the Bath end instead, etc. 

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