Saturday 28 January 2012

Greyt dog meet

Hey Fwends. Guess what. Me (Cat Greyhound) is branching out to be a event organiser. yes that's right. I was doing some thinkings on Tuesday last week and I did thinking I would LOVE to meet with my fwends from the twitter and the facebook and so I did asking thems if they would like to do meeting and come visit some nice places with me too. So after some talking with my hoomans and some talking with my fwends. we decided that there will be a greyt dog meet (you like what I did there? Greyt. not great. coz I a greyhound. haha)

The first one will be in South Devon probably at the end of March. and people can do making it a mini holiday by staying in tents or a carafan and we will do walkings on the beach and paddling in the sea and eating ice creams and chips and sandwiches and maybe go to a nature reserve or a country park and do lots of snuffling and sniffing and I going to make goody bags (or doggy bags) for every hound that comes. I might even do games with prizes. The event is on the facebook. heres the link If you want to do coming then please click on "yes" for the event.

The other one is going to be in the Peak District. and again people can do staying in places like Hay House Farm  or camp at Bushey Heath Farm or some other places I'm sure. Again I will do goody bags for every hound that comes and maybe some games. And there will be walks and maybe a picnic and ice creams. The event for the peak district greyt dog walk is also on facebook and again if you want to come please click "yes" (The date hasn't been chosen for this one yet).

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