Wednesday 22 February 2012

Church House Inn Marldon - TQ3 1SL

Sorry no photos this time as we didn't go for a day trip really, we were on "business" and the battery on hooman girls phone was sleeping. but next time fotos promise. 

My hooman girl had to go to Exeter (that's in Devon) for big talks about working she going to do when we move house in 2 weeks time (we're moving to the beach) and so me and the hooman boy tagged along in the hopes of a  walk on the beach and some food in a nice dog friendly pub in the evening. Now again this is a place we was going to do going to when we were in the area a few weeks back but hooman girl was feeling poorly as it is JUST up the road from the campsite we stayed at (well it was more a cold muddly field to be honest and we slept in the car for most the night). 

So any way - we were in the area and we decided yes lets go get some foods at The Church House Inn so off we went in the car. They have a car park at the back of the pub and like a garden with grass and benches. Then there's a door at the side after going down some steps and another door at the front. 

The door at the front you can turn left or right after going through it - on the left they have carpet and on the right they have like bricky stuff (The hoomans called it slate) and on both sides was a log fire. Dogs are ONLY allowed on the slate side (the hoomans can sit that side too with the dogs so that's nice). So off I went and settled down in front of the log fire on the slate side of the room.

Hooman boy got drinks and did reading the menu and the man behind the bar did bringing me a biscuit which he made hop across the room like a wabbit - hmmmm *confused hound* well I tried to eat the biccy (once it had done running around the room) but it keeps doing falling out of my mouth before I could do eating it proper so I didn't do having it in the end. 

We did talking to two other hoomans who was in the bar. They told us about their dog who is 80% black lab (like Harvey) and 20% Alsation (I dont know any of thems but one did come in the pub later and tried jump on me where I was doing sleeping) and they told us about how the lady who works at the pub did telling people I had tweeted to her about coming (me thinks they was laughing at me and my hoomans for doing twitter but I dont care I'm just real good at typing) and then they did holding on to me and giving me ear scratches whilst the hoomans did go to the bar and ask the lady for their dinners. Thankyou kind hoomans for taking care of me so I wouldn't be on my ownself. 
So I moved away from the fire coz I was getting way hot and bits of burning stuff kept jumping out at me and went and sat between the hoomans and did snoozing. 

Then the food did coming, hooman boy had a cheese board with crackers and grapes and chutney and apple and stuff. One of the grapes fell off and did rolling on the floor, I didn't feel like eating it today though so I just sat on it. and hooman girl had a butternut squash wellington with potatoes and vegetables. and it had a red sauce on it (I dont know what it was made from).
Food was yum yum yum (the hoomans say - I didn't want to try much but I had a bit of cheese and bread and   some pastry and sauce from the wellington which was good.) The butter to put on the bread and crackers wasn't very easy to spread but it tasted good in lumps on the bread too. The food was good size portions, not too expensive, hot and well cooked. and tasted great. The cheese board you actually get like 4 cheeses not just one like in most places and a good amount of crackers and the grapes and apple slices (which was sweet - hooman boy asked me to mention that). 

The hoomans did putting their cutlery down so I decided it was time to leave then and stood up and walked towards the door. I know whose in charge around here. 

Oh also something the hoomans might care to know. toilets were clean and a good size and had plenty of soap and hot water and the hand dryer was pretty funky and did it's job well (though hooman girl decided to finish drying her hands on the fire). Staff were nice and friendly, as were the locals in the bar who all wanted have a chat to us and pet me and all the things friendly people do. 

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  1. Thank you for your lovely review!!! Next time we'll make sure you get to eat the biccies without having to chase them round the pub!!! Look forward to welcoming you back sometime! Love from the hoomans xxx