Saturday 18 February 2012

Walkies on weston - super - mare beach.

So me hoomans did deciding that they go take me to Weston for a late nite beach walk and get some dinners to eat. 

We did walking on the beach and looking for the sea (but I couldn't find it), and we did walk a long long way to the very old burnbeck pier, then we did walk by the houses and hotels and I did sniffing in all the gates and hooman girl did telling me stories about when she was little and where she use to go with her grown up hoomans. 

I did trying to sniff out a fwend of mine that does living in weston but I did not sniff her this time. on the beach I did meeting a whippet, a boxer dog and one those hairless white dogs (dont know what they called) and I did looking at stars. hooman girl helped me to spot the north star and the saucepan star and the 7 sister stars - I did finding them all. 

Then we did walking to the food shop and hooman girl got fish & chips and hooman boy got sousige & chip with curry sauce and I did having some of everything. 

Then we did going home in the car where I did sleeping the whole way. 

sorry no photos we didnt take camera. 

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