Sunday 12 February 2012

The Victoria inn Salcombe - TQ8 8BU

So I finally got my hoomans to do taking me to the Victoria Inn Salcombe. We was suppose to do going there last time we was in the area but it was brrrr cold and hooman girl was feeling poorly so we didn't get to go. 
But on Friday it was the hooman grandad's birthday - he pretty old - and so we decided on doing a day trip to Devon and I did thinking that since I was going to be quite near to the Victoria Inn and since all my hoomans (and me) do love to eat that a visit here was a great idea. 

Now a few things to consider before a trip to the victoria inn 

1) if you does not know the way and you are doing asking a sat nav then you be careful because actually it made us do driving down some really small roads that I really dont think were made for driving cars on and we even had to do waiting for a tractor that was cutting bits off of a bunch of trees in one of the lanes. 

2) ALOT of people seem to like the victoria inn so if you want to do sitting down and especially if you want to do eating you should get one the hoomans to call them 1st and order a table. We didn't do that but we did get there quite early in the evening (like just before 5) and they dont start cooking dinner until 6 so we got a table and our food. we was very lucky. 

The victoria inn has a real fire which was luffly and warm. I did warming my furs on it and snuffling the coals from the bucket. 
and then I did curling up and going to sleep 

OK so now to the food. - The hoomans did ordering food right at 6pm and the food did coming to the table really quickly which was really cool but usually that means the food wont be very good (like the cold soggy chips hooman girl had in a pub at lunch which were ready in the kitchen when she asked for them). 

Hooman boy had something quite funny. he had in his dish the shells that I do find on the beach all the time. but he did tell me that it was "moule mariniere" which I do looking and it is mussles (thats them shells) cooked in white wine and cream. and it had a big bread roll with it.

They were actually very yummy - I did try one and so did hooman girl and hooman grandad. It is one of their "special" foods so not something you can have every day.   

Hooman girl had the mushroom wellington (it's nothing to do with rain shoes!) It was a big mushroom stuffed with cream cheese and spinach inside of pastry and it did come with potatoes and vegetables.  The cabbage tasted funny - in a good way!! 

The hooman grandad had pork belly - ummm yes it's kind of what it sounded like its the belly of pork and it came with mash and veg and gravy. 

The victoria inn also has a play area and large garden - we didn't see it because it was brrrr cold outside but it looks nice on the fotos I have seen. It has a covered seating area, 2 sun terraces and chickens and ducks at the end. 
All well behaved doggys are offered treats (I did give mine to a labrador that looked like my friend Harvey because I couldn't chew it with no tuffs and it also wasn't my favourite kind - The biscuit not the labrador!). 

UPDATE 14th July 2012

“Second Visit - Still LOVE it! Dog Friendly, great food, lovely staff.”
Being hand fed ham by the landlady
 Visited on Saturday Lunch Time as we loved the food on our last visit so much. (Plus I have been promising Liz I would return and say Hi since she wasn't working last time we were in!). 

Arrived about 1130ish and the pub was as busy as I had expected (very!), Plenty of customers and their furry companions. We planned on sitting in the garden and enjoy the sun - but then it started raining. After heading inside and deciding our greyhound was too much of a trip hazard on the available seat we went back outside to the covered patio area! 
Ordered lunch. 2 times haddock, chips and minted pea purée and the kidney bean and cheese kiev (Which usually comes with salad and new potatoes but being a little unusual we had it with the Victorias cheesy chips - Because we are on a mission to compare the cheesy chips of all our favourite places!). Food was served exceptionally quickly and was as usually absolutely lovely. Even the fussy greyhound tucked in to some of everything on the plates - not OFF of the plates, she has her own bowl for these occasions!
Liz was kind enough to fetch "Cat" (the Greyhound!) some Ham from the kitchen - She highly recommends you try it!

The inside the pub isn't huge and it does get very busy so (as I said in my last review of the Victoria Inn) if you want to get a seat and especially if you want a meal then I suggest you book a table in the restaurant (dogs aren't allowed in the restaurant area though) However, there is a lovely outside area which is huge. It has a covered terrace area, a patio and a grassed area with Chickens and Ducks at the back of it and a children's play area. 

What I like about the Victoria Inn Salcombe

- The food is amazing
- It's dog friendly as all the best places are.
- The staff are all lovely and helpful.
- It's clean and staff clear the tables promptly.
- It has a lovely outdoor area
- It's a great place for the whole family. = Good food,Good beer, Children's play area, Dog friendly.
- All the ingredients for their food is sourced locally.

What I dislike about the Victoria Inn Salcombe

ummmm .... nothing!!!!!!!!

Will be back for a visit very soon.


  1. Oh I loved this - thank you so much. We do like hoomans because of course they give us money, and we do like children - but oh my we like dog's like you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!! I wish I had seen you, but as a hooman I have to have a rest every now and then - so I didn't start work last night until about 7.30 - and I'm pretty sure you'd gone home then!
    Next time you come, I'll get you a special something out of the kitchen.......
    Lots of love and big strokes
    Liz - landlady!

    p.s I think hooomans shouldn't have used the sat nav! Hoomans get sent fown all sorts of funny roads using them things!!!

    1. They say without the satnav they would never have even found salcombe. but we got there in the end and it was worth the effort. There was some space next to me on my luffly red coat for you to do resting but it okay coz the staffs very very helpful and nice and stuff so we was taken good care of. They was very interested in how the muscles were. they asked hooman boy TWICE in like 10 seconds if he liked them. I look forward to coming again. I think I will get hooman boy to have the steak next time (which he was going to have coz he wanted the crayfish butter)hooman girl maybe she can have the pancakes coz they suitables for her vegetabletarianism. Maybe it be nice weather and I can take them outside to the garden.

      Question: what do you do with the red cabbage? it tasted funny in a really nice way but we couldn't think why it tasted that way. will chef tell us?

      See you again soon.

      Cat Greyhound and the hoomans.

  2. Wow, Cat GH, this sounds fun! My mom is going to try to take me to a cafe down the street and bring my big thick blankie so I can be comfy on the ground!

    New Friend, or should say, fwend,

    Matilda the grey-snout greyhound from