Tuesday 27 March 2012

Greyt Dog Meet - Devon

Silkie, Joe and Lily on the beach.

So last weekend was the first greyt dog meet that I had organised and hosted. It was a GREYT weekend.
I was joined in Devon by my fwends. There was Joe and Lily, Silkie, Sweep, Mervin, Gin, Marley, Georgie and Shadie. It was GREYT!! 

We all met in the park where we did some sniffing and getting snuggles and fusses and we exchanged noms then we went to the beach where we walked and ran and paddled and sniffed. When we had some some hexploring on the beach we went to the pub where we did some snoozing whilst the hoomans had their noms and drinks.

After the nom break we got in us cars and did some driving to the donkey sanctuary where we did walking around and snuffling. There wasn't very many donkeys out in the field today but we did see some and some in thems homes.

Sweep relaxing at my caravan 

When we had done looking around and get fusses at the donkey sanctuary we all headed back to us homes for the night. Sweep and hims hoomans came to visit with me in the caravan and we had more noms (we like noms).

The next morning some of us hounds that were still in the area went for breakfast at my favorite cafe - The Beachcomber Cafe in Teignmouth - There was me, Silkie, Lily, Joe and Sweep. We all had breakfast with us hoomans, we had more noms that were left from the day before and we got LOTS of fusses from the hoomans.

Me and Lily enjoying a snooze outside the cafe

Silkie enjoying a breakfast

Lily and Joe left after breakfast to go off hexploring. Me, Sweep and Silkie went for walkies on the beach.

Silkie playing wiv her mummy on the beach. 
Cat and Sweep on the beach. 

After some walkies on the beach Silkie left to go hexploring some place else (she was visiting Dorset on her way home).

 Me and Sweep had a bit more of a walkies then went off and did lots of sunbathing on the beach with the hoomans ...

... and then did some sunbathing on the grass

I had a GREYT weekend with my friends. and can not wait for the next Greyt Dog Meet.


  1. Der fotos dus bees hoff mees (Sweep).

    *waves*, hewwo Cattie xx

    1. Oh hey Sweepy, yez there fotos of youz snoozing two times and a foto of uz walking together on the beach! *nods*