Sunday 8 April 2012

Devon Beaches

Goodrington Beach! Photo by Jacqui S King

Goodrington Beach - Dogs allowed on North Sands (next to the park) 365 days a year. On South Sands between end September and beginning of May.

I like this beach because - It has a special dog beach. It has rock pools I can explore. It always has lots other dogs that I can do sniffing with. It has nice clean waters. It is next to a park with a pond. It is next to a cafe I can go in the garden of and a pub I can go in the garden off (and the staffs give me fussings!). 

Paignton Pier. photo by Jacqui S King 

Paignton beach - Dogs only allowed out of season. After the end of September and before the beginning of May. 

I like this beach because - It has luffly soft sands. It is a big beach so when I am allowed on it I can do big walkies. It has a pier which you can go right to the end of. It has lots of little sheds by it that sale lots noms like cakes and chips and ice cream. It doesn't have too many little stones that hurt my feets. 

Dawlish Warren. Photo by Jacqui S King

Dawlish Warren - Dogs allowed between groynes 3 and 9 year round. From groynes 1 - 12 between September and 1 April. Dogs banned past groyne 12. 

I like this beach because - It has super soft sands. It has a sand bank you can walk on. It has a nature reserve. You can always find cool shells and pebbles. I can see the trains going past. You can see the other towns and beaches from here, I can spot Exmouth and Seaton across the water. It has good sunbathing. Out of season the car park is free on sundays - perfect for picnics in the sun. 

The ness (Shaldon) Ness cove is at the foot of the ness cliffs headland in Shaldon. Access is via Smugglers tunnel and some steep steps. Dogs are permitted all year round. There is a dog bin just before the entrance to the tunnel on the way up.

I like this beach because it’s quite big and as it is semi-secure (as long as I don’t try to go back up the steps) I am allowed off my lead to zoom about. It has lots of rock pools I can explore in and at low tide you can find hundreds of clams in them.

Teignmouth – Dogs are permitted far left and far right sides of the beach at Teignmouth all year round and are welcome on the full beach out of season.
I like this beach because it’s a long beach and I like to jump over the wooden groynes for fun with the hoomans. It is next to my favourite cafĂ© (The Beachcomber) and there’s always other dogs here for me to meet. Also dogs are welcome on the pier which still has all the old pier machines from 20 – 30 years ago so it’s like time travelling. 

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