Thursday 12 April 2012

Bicton Park Botanical Gardens. - EX9 7BG

So we set out on a day trip and the hoomans said I could choose from my list where I wanted to visit. I chose to go to Bicton Park.

We arrived and followed signs to the car park - there was ALOT of cars so we searched and searched for somewhere to park and finally found a spot (there is a over flow car park but you dont know it is there until you have driven around the entire field and head towards the exit).

Then we head towards the door to go in. There are 2 big dog statues by the doors welcoming you (or guarding the door to stop you coming in maybe) Then we had to queue up for a bit. 

After you go through the pay desk you is in the shop. now doggies are allowed in here too so we can do us shopping and choose something to take home wiv us. 

The only bit we is not allowed is 1) the cafe 2) the soft play 3) the kiddie park

So we go through the shop and we get in to the gardens. They have lots of different plants, trees, cacti, ducks, swans, a goldfish, lakes and fountains, a train (though I wouldn't fit), mini-golf, a museum, a garden centre with plants and statues you can buy, an ice skating rink (but it wasn't open), the cafe and shop, glass houses, soft play and a park. 

We looked all around the park and saw so many exciting things, it was luffly and sunny and we was having a greyt time ... BUT then it started raining and the rain turned in to hail stone which were HUGE and we got soaked before we found somewhere to shelter from it (and then it stopped as soon as we got under cover) We then looked around the museum at all the old farm equipment and carts and things before walking back to the shop where we bought some things and then the hoomans changed there day tickets to memberships which mean we can go back again - yay! and we can visit another one the places on my list - Morwellham Quay - with the same card so that is going to be amazing. 

What I liked: Sniffing the plants, seeing the ducks , that I could go in the shop and museum. 

What I didn't like: The hailstones that were huge and fell on my head and there's not many comfy places to sit near the cafe because I not allowed inside. 

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