Monday 30 April 2012

DeMontforts delights - Hand baked treats for the discerning dog.

Fishy Gems - So my fwend Minnie Greyhound on Facebook did send me some fishy gem biskwits wat her hoomum did bake. Minnies mum makes all the scrummy noms for deMontforts delights and moneys from them do going to their local RGT. Her duz making lots noms. Biskwits, cakes, okypussies... You can do reading more bowt her noms here 

So I did getting these noms 

They smell sooooo good ... like fish and other nommy noms. 

They are in like diamond shapes ... and about a cm big each. 

I did getting some out myself  - they smell so good I couldnt wait... Then I membered I haff no tuffs so nomming them may not work so good. So I do sucking it for a bit then I go to get another...and another...and another. now there be pre-sucked fishy noms all over my bed the hoomans sofa.

Taste - fishy
Smell - AMAZING!!!! 
Size - good size fur a biskwit or training treat or come back bribe
Shape - interesting and quirky (gems)

This a close up the biskwits thru da hole I made wiv my own noze. 

Sunday Lunch Cake - I was visiting the Portsmouth area last weekend and decided it would be luffly to haff a little play date wiv mah fwend Minnie, her luff Mickey and their bruva Bob (he's new!). 

Their mum iz the lady what duz making all the luffly noms and her wuz good enuff to bring me along CAKE - It was Sunday lunch flava. It had Chicken and Bacon and lots Vegetables in it. it was  nom nom nom. 

mmmm smells good!

Tastes good too
I am so going put in my order for mine burfday in August, it tasted so good, smelled so good and was luffly to nom. 
I made a video of me nomming the cake so you could see just how much ah luffed it! 

You can get your own cakes - perfect for burfdays, gotcha days, xmas, get well soon, or juz becuz you luff uz - from DeMontfort delights website

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  1. I saw this on facebook and then I couldn't find it. It's lovely. Thank you for posting it.