Thursday 19 April 2012

Play Again Joint Care+

So the day finally arrived when a van turned up wiv a BIG yellow box addressed to me

My big yellow box

The yellow box is from Pedigree (well it's from DHL express delivery but Pedigree sent it to me) and it is what I've been waiting for. Which is the jointcare+ trial pack.

This is what Pedigree says about their jointcare+ treats

Pedigree® Joint Care+ treats were developed with these dogs in mind. These tasty treats contain CPA Complex®, a unique blend of natural active ingredients together with methionine. When fed daily, they can help ease joint stiffness in as little as six weeks.
Pedigree® Joint Care+ treats are available in three different sizes - Small for dogs under 10kg, Medium for dogs between 10 and 25 kg and Large for dogs over 25kg.
Small is available in Original Recipe and Medium and Large are available in Original and with Beef.
The secret of Pedigree® Joint Care+ is in the CPA Complex®, a unique blend of natural, active ingredients, fed daily they can help ease joint stiffness in as little as six weeks.
Glucosamine is an essential building block of healthy joints. Ours is derived from shrimp shells. A steady supply of glucosamine helps the body regenerate joint tissue, especially the cartilage which cushions joints. As such, it has a supporting role to play in maintaining the condition of healthy joints and in helping to deal with normal wear and tear.
Omega 3, from fish oils, is recognised for its role in helping to promote natural suppleness and flexibility. It can also help to ease stiffness in joints.
Green Lipped Mussel Powder from New Zealand is a rich source of chondroitin, an important component in building healthy joints. The powder also contains unique fatty acids that help to ease joint stiffness and works as an antioxidant to help deal with free radicals.
Methionine is an amino acid used by the body to support your dog’s own natural processes for dealing with joint stiffness. A steady supply of this nutrient is important for dogs who are showing signs of joint wear and tear.
Micronutrients in Pedigree® Joint Care+ include a number of additional vitamins and minerals with anti-oxidant properties.

So any way this box arrived. Inside the box was....

A yellow bag with my name on it. 

and in the bag was all these goodies! 

I've got 6 weeks supply of jointcare+ chews. A ball flinger and a tube of yellow balls. I also got a video camera but thats just to borrow until da end the trial not to keep unfortunately.

  • Now the yellow balls and the ball flinger I'm really not going to use no matter how good these special treats are. 
  • The bag is amazing. I need a bag to carry all my stuffs when I go out hexploring and reviewing dog friendly days out. Plus this one has MY name right there on it. So everyone will know it belongs to me Catty and has MY stuffs in it. 
  • and the noms ... well dey is noms what can I say? 

My thoughts on the noms. 

The shape
They is nice a flat (with a little dent in the middle) so I can pop my paw on one end and nom the other end without it running away.

The size 
They are a good size. They aren't too big so I not spending all day nomming the one treat but they is big enough so that I dont swollow the treat before I have time to taste it.

The smell
They do smell like tomato soup.

The taste

I will update you over the next 6 weeks on how I'm doing with the trial. So stay tuned hounds and hoomans.

It's day 5 of the joint care+ trial and today I've been playing off lead on the beach.

It's been one week since I started the Jointcare+ trial and I can report *drum roll*
  1. That I am feeling more energetic. 
  2. I can jump way higher over the wooden posts on the beach 
  3. The hoomans said they best stop giving me them coz I jogged up the steep steps at the beach dragging them behind me. 
  4. The jointcare+ treats are scrummy. I can even chew them with no teefs.
  5. I still really like the shape and size of them as I can get hold of them and hold them when I am nomming on them. 
More updates to come in the next 5 weeks. 


I have been nomming the jointcare+ treats for 2 whole weeks now. I had a bit of an energy blip at the beginning of the week. I really didn't want to play or run around or anything and I kept lying down when the hoomans let me off my lead instead of zooming. But I think maybe I was a ikle poorly. I am still enjoying nomming the noms and will see if my energies return this week. 

Here's a foto of me from this week - I was lying down pretending not to hear hooman girl yelling for me. 

Week 3 is over and I yam pleezed to announce my energies be back I haff been playing on the beach and I did a REAL high jump over the woodie things and zoomed real fast. I look forward to my noms every day and get hexited when hoomans open the door they keep them behind.  Here is some photos of me this week.

More hadvengers next week. 


Week 4 - This week my energies are good. I haff been doing some hexploring. I went to the BMAD festival and walked around chatting to everyone and looking gawguss. everyone said how good I looked since I will be 11 in August and I did some shopping. I dressed as a biker. I walked around fur a whole day and didn't even get sleepy legs. 
Then later in the week hooman granddad came to visit and we all did hexploring, we went on a ikle tiny ferry boat, to the botanical garden with a tiny castle. We had noms at the pub, went to a whippety tea party and to the donkey sanctuary. It wuz a fun week. 


I haff just finished week 5 of the jointcare+ trial (only one week to go *aww*) I had to go to the dogtor at the beginning of the week as I wuz haffing a few pee-pee pwoblems and the dogtor put me on some pink tablets coz her finks I haff an infektons so I been feeling a little "under the weather"(what ever dat means!) this week. But I haff still been nomming my chews and yesterday (Monday) I did some zoomies on the beach. 


Well that's it - my 6 weeks joint care+ trial is over :( 

In typical Cat the Greyhound style I began the week by inuring my leg. - I wuz at home and the hooman girl sed to me to go out in the garden for a wee (because it turned out we were going in the wheelies for a play date wiv my good fwend Arti) but I wuz hoping for a proper walk to do my wees so I turned myself around and went back in. 
In our garden we have steps down from the back door at the side of a concrete "landing" type area (theres only 3 steps, the "landing" is like chest height on me) now I never use the small steps I just JUMP up and down the concrete landing . But this time one of my back legs (the left one!) didn't do jumping wiv me and I banged it straight in to the concrete thing (just for added effect it wuz the bit thats cracked and has sharp bit on) so off I went to the dogtor coz I had a hole where my skin and fur use to be. 
The lady sed I needed staples to close the hole so she took me in to another room to do it - but I didn't understand why she wuz stapling me so I wouldn't stand still, her got 2 staples in right at the top the hole then gave up. Her asked hooman girl if her could make me do sleeping so she could sew me up with a needle. but hooman girl didn't want me to do that so the dogtor said I wud haff wear a dressing on it and her wud go do that now .... 10 mins later I hobble owt with my WHOLE left leg in a blue bandage. MY WHOLE LEG! 

Here's me and my leg after I got out the dogtors. 
This was Wednesday morning and they said I had come back on Saturday afternoon to see a nurse - dogtor  about getting a new giant bandage put on. *sigh* well between Wednesday and Saturday I hopped and panted and whimpered and fell over my own feet and slipped on the shiny floor and got the bandage stuck to my blanket and panted and panted and panted. To say I did not like the bandage wuz a giant understatement. 
Saturday came and we went to the dogtors again (its inside a pet shop!) we were called in by a nice (very) young man who I am not sure should be out of school yet. I tried running back out the door as soon as I walked in but the hoomans shut the door. 

My leg just after having bandage off

The young nurse dogtor set to work at unwrapping my leg and found he had quite a job on his hands. That is ALOT of dogtor wrap dey used. The dressing inside had got all sweaty and sticky in the heat and wuz stuck firmly to my baddy. The nurse had go get a dogtor to look at my leg now it wuz finally free and he said I haff an infektion and it wuz all pussy and yuckie. 

The hoomans told the dogtor and the nurse I really dont want my whole leg wrapped again and they agreed I could leave the bandages off and let the magic air (and the pink tablets) heal the yuckies . YAY!!! no more bandage. I instantly felt alot better without the bandage on. Although my leg still haz a hole in it, and it still hurts sometimes (and coz of the stoopid bandage my nails are pointing in all sorts weird directions) I can now put my whole foot on the floor and can paddle in the sea and bend my knee and ankle. 

So to celebrate my new found freedom we did some hexploring - I'm still haffing to be careful so no running or going offlead (Oh! that reminds me. coz I wuz brave in the dogtors hooman girl got me a 2m nylon lead what you can do making different lengths - ah haff wanted one fur a while) or too much walking about coz then I get sore again.

Here's me infront of the lifeboat in Brixham

Here's me paddling  on Goodrington beach

And heres me looking at an ice cream 

And here's me licking the ice cream.  

and me lying in the sun at the park. 

My get well gift
Because I was hurt I couldn't go to the 1st jointcare+ #playagain event so Hannah and the pedigree time were kind enough to send me one of their luffly dishes wiv another pack of jointcare+ chews. woooohooo. 
Me wiv da hooge bowl

On Monday evening I went fur a walk at the nature reserve where I sniffed and searched fur bunny wabbits.


So that's it. My 6 weeks of joint care+ noms 1 each day is over. It's a bit difficult to say if the chews haff made me more bouncy or active since I haff been feeling unwell fur the past 2 weeks. 1st coz I had a bladder infection, then I hurt my leg and wuz bandaged up and now I cant go off lead. 

But ...

- I do want to be doing things more.

-  I would say I can jump higher but looking at my leg that is wrong. Though hooman girl says she's seen me jump higher since the chews. I obviously just miss counted mine legs last week.  

- I am more alert mentally when doing hexploring and looking around more. 

- The chews taste luffly - I quite often turn down treats and chews but I haven't left my joint care+ treat once in the 6 weeks. even when I was unwell and off my noms.  

- The shape of the chews are really good and easy for me to hold on to myself to nom them. (but I haff only seen the dentastix shaped noms in the shops not the flat ones like I had in the trial)

- When I get up off the sofas I dont stretch as much or for as long as I use to. I can get up and go alot quicker. 

I have one pack of chews left from what Pedigree sent me last week so I will be continuing to nom them next week and am going speak to the hoomans see if I can haff pocket money fur a pack a week next month too. 

The video below is a slideshow of the past 6 weeks - Enjoy!!!! 

Cat Greyhound 

Follow up
I have continued to have the joint care + chews every day (Well I missed one day recently coz we were out and I forgot to take a chew with me!) since I finished the official trial. So in total I have now been having the chews for 3 months and 3 weeks that's like 105 joint care + chews in total. WOW!
So I wanted to give you a quick update on how I've been doing since my last entry, if the chews were making a difference still, etc. 

  •  I went to the Great British Greyhound Walk in West Wittering and ran on the beach with a bunch of other greys! 

Me and Molly at the GBGW
  • I regularly run around now, I have learnt to do zoomies.
Here I come. Stand well back!
  • I have learnt to play with other dogs.
Me and a little guy zooming!
  • (Not wanting to jinx myself but ...) I haven't had one injury since I hurt my leg towards the end of the official trial. Even though I've been running and jumping and zooming here, there and everywhere. 
Me chasing Harvey 
  • I do limp a little after mad zoomie times but I haff a few muscle problems in my left leg since it got hurt and so I feel sore in it when I zoom. However it stops hurting real quick and so I can return to zooming by my next walk and can still finish my walkies. 

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