Saturday 5 May 2012

Jenn's Knits, Knitted with love Berry Bandanna

So my good fwend Sir Elfie Grey Miles wuz doing showing of his bandannas what hims muvva duz making and I did thinking to my own self I would luff one of dem fur my own self. 

My fwends Sweep and Mervin were wearing bandannas at my greyt dog meet too.

So I did speaking to Elfie about where I could do getting my ownself a bandanna and what coloured bandanna him did thinking would suit my moo spots. 

We decided on this one ...  

It haz strawberries on black backing on one side and the other side is a nice greeny colour. 

Here is me wearing my bandanna in various fashions. 

Modelling the Bandanna in the garden

Keeping the sun off my face

Little berry riding hood

Pirate gaaaar  Catty

All Jenn's Bandannas are £5 each (except some the very hextral speshal ones mite be a bit more I duz fink) and hers be getting new ones in all da time. hers haff got ones wif flowas and ones wif anipals and ones wif honkypusses and dotty ones and camouflage ones. so many luffly ones. 

They be luffly colours and the fabriks be greyt quality, dey nice and thick but not so thick dat dey be heavies. Dey is tie fastening so you can do making dem as tight or loose as you want to be doing. and as you can see fwom da fotos dey can be worn in different fashions depending on what you want to be doing. They be quite long down the back so you can show off lots the luffly design on your ownself. 

Also Jenn's Knits duz make jumpers fur hounds in lots luffly funny designs. Like knight armour and sailor navy man and royal robes, and also more "normal" jumper designs in pretty colours. you can do taking a look at the facebook page here 

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