Tuesday 26 June 2012

Ellscott Park Campsite

Sidlesham Lane 
West Sussex  
PO20 7QL

Stayed on Ellscott Park for 2 nights. 2 Adults and the dog. £14 per night. we stayed 2 nights.

On arrival there wasn't any one in the reception but there's a sign on the door saying to ring bell for attention. Owner came out and booked us in. gave directions down to the tent field which is at the very bottom of the site. You have to drive through the caravan storage area and then you come to the fields. there is 2 fields, the 1st appears to be for caravans and the 2nd for tents.


- good size site. Not huge so you are never too far from toilets/showers but big enough so everyone isn't squashed together

- We had quite a bit of rain over night on the Saturday so sunday morning there was quite alot of puddles dotted around the field - however when we got back to site later in day the field had dried out completely so the drainage must be quite good.

- The bottom field (where the tents are) has a large playing field area so kids (and big kids) can play football, tennis, etc

- The bottom field is also the doggy field. dogs can go off lead here (but have to be on leads in rest site)although there are rabbits so if your a small fluffy chaser may be best stay on leads.

- Toilets and showers were clean and spacious. There is a bucket and mop, etc for you to wipe down any mess you make.

- Close to the harbour, marina, some pubs, cafes, etc and the amazing W.Wittering beach (by car, I wouldnt suggest walking unless walking is your "thing")

- Site has Launderette which is in a shed. we didn't use it or go inside this so I cant comment on how good they were or what facilities they have on offer.

- Washing up area - again didn't use this but they do have one.

- There is a freezer (in the washing up room) where you can re-freeze ice blocks

- Plenty of bins including recycling


- The showers dont have doors, they have curtains to pull across and are in the main toilet block next to the sinks so I didn't really feel comfortable using them (I didnt use them)

- There isnt any sinks inside cubicles so if you want have a decent wash, brush teeth etc you have do it in front everyone in the toilet block

- At night (about 10pm) you can hear what sounds like shooting. I dont know what this is. It isn't very loud and I dont think it went on for long but if you have a child or dog that is easily spooked (like we have)  just be aware!

- No shop onsite or close by so if you want breakfast or a coffee in morning you have go hunt down the local corner shop or garage (there is one a few mins drive towards the witterings just before the round about)or bring your own supplies.

The owner was very present. Went around and "checked" quite often, making suggestions about where to put tent and telling people not to go too fast through the puddles when they go out, etc. He wasn't invasive and was quite friendly. so I wouldn't put it as a negative point but some people might feel they are being watched.

Site is easy to find (from main road towards witterings turn left following the butterfly sign and follow road along. site is on right) and you can see the signpost for the site as you come up the road.

Site location - 8/10 because it is quite a distance from any the local pubs, cafes, shops, etc

Site Facilities - 9/10 would like lockable cubicles for showering and 1 or 2 cubicles with sinks inside for washing and dressing.

Value - 10/10 £14 a night for 2 adults in June is very good. No charge for the dog. and the price includes tent and car too (some sites do charge separate for bringing the tent and a car)

Customer service - 9/10 Helpful owner. didn't see any one else but some people would see him as TOO helpful.

Child friendly - 9/10 no play park or anything but there is a large field where you can play football or run around. no ball games in the main field.

Over all rating - 9/10 only "issues" being the cubicle issue and the fact you have get up and drive up the main road to get a coffee or breakfast,etc or get to any the walks so if you are up early there's not alot you can do until the rest the world is awake.

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