Tuesday 26 June 2012

Play Date with Sir Elfie and Molly Moo - Eastney beach

We were going through Portsmouth on our way to the GBGW  and that is where my fwends Sir Elfie and Molly Moo do having their furever home. SO, I stopped off en-route to see them and do sniffing with them.

I was sooo hexcited to me meeting Sir Elfie (and ofcourse Moo too!)
When we all did get there we fawt we deserved a treat and we did going to the "yella van" what bes an ice cream van what be yella! *nods* Elfie's muvva was kind enuff to buy uz both a nommy ice cream each. (Molly doesn't like Ice Cream for some reason) we nommed them all up. mmmmm nom!
Those are my happy ears :)

Here's me (in the middle) with Elfie and Molly - Molly tried to play with me and Molly NEVER plays. 

And Elfie did some paddling - I had to check with him if he realised he was IN the sea. Him tells me that he did indeed realise this and him luffs it - each to their own I guess!

Me and Molly and Elfie did walking along their beach and did sniffing and things and then we walked back to their house and I did lying down on their rug and snoozed whilst the hoomans drank coffee. Elfie nommed his pizzle stick and Molly was somewhere else doing her own thing BOL - Independent hound!
Then Elfie and Molly (she came back) had fusses off  mine hoomans and I kept snoozing (really! I actually led down and slept at someone else house,I didn't hide in the corner and hyperventilate!).

Was luffly to visit with them and their hoomans! :)

Thanks fur haffing us Elfie and Moo xxx

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