Wednesday 13 June 2012

Pawtions - The Worlds 1st bespoke calorie controlled diet fur dogs!


This is what Pawtions say about their new bespoke calorie controlled diet. 

"Pawtions® is an exciting, brilliant, new concept that we hope will change the way many people feed and care for their dogs - forever!"
At Pawtions® we know that most people will do anything for their dogs... just as their dogs will do anything for them.

Loyalty, that’s what it’s all about.
It’s not just the strokes, the pats, or the tummy rubs, or a quick walk on a rainy night… it’s the excitement when you come home, that whole body wag that comes from a happiness that never seems to diminish, the belief, the trust and the unconditional love.

We REALLY know what it means to be lucky enough to own a dog and that the way you treat your dog says a lot about who you are. 
That’s why we think nutritional care is only the start. Flea and worming treatments, they help to keep your dog healthy too, but it’s the love and the sharing that really makes your dog’s life a full and happy one."

Cat is so pleased with her parcel from her fwends at pawtions!

What is good about "pawtions"? 

  1. They deliver to your door
  2. They have several different foods for different needs, senior, light, puppy. They even do small, regular or large "bite" size kibbles.
  3. Each meal comes in its own little package. You get 2 packets a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. So you get the same amount each meal. and each packet is calorie controlled. The scientists at pawtions work out how many calories you need per day and split that in to two portions. So you are getting exactly what you need in every bite. 
  4. Every box contains your individual packets of kibbbles. (56 of them to be exact), a pack of chews or biscuits, a supply of poop bags, and your required worming and flea treatments when they are due! 

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