Tuesday 26 June 2012

West Wittering GBGW

Sunday 24th June 2012 was the 4th annual Great British Greyhound Walk - Greyhounds all over Britain gathered for a one of a series of walks taking place around the country. We decided that instead of going to one of our local walks we would travel some 157 miles to attend the one in West Wittering.

We set off on the Saturday morning and stopped in Portsmouth on the way for a play date with Elfie and Molly and then went on to Birdham to set up camp at Ellscott Park before the GBGW on the Sunday.

We got up sooper early on Sunday, I had my breakfast and walked around the field on site for my wee's and poo's. Saw two whole bunny wabbits what I did stalking on and then went for a little drive to find noms for the hoomans breakfasts. Then we went to the beach - it was quite cold.

Soon the other greyhounds started arriving too, 
and more

and more and more ....

Once everyone had arrived we went to get a group photo taken - It was quite difficult to get everyone looking the right way at the same time. 
And then the walk began - we walked all the way around the "head" 
Here's some pics from the walk 

After the walk some houndies went for zoomies on the beach and others set up camp for the day on the grassy area. 

Joe play with Jacks ball whilst me and Jack watch

Joe and the ball

Elfie and Rex Zooming

Elfie, Rex, Molly and I dont know who the white dog is zooming.

Elfie in the sea

Jack and his borlie

I joined in with the fun on the beach and  then went to the grassy area for snoozies and snacking.



Elfie and molly enjoying their curry

Me and my new fwend Bob


Molly Moo doing sooper snoozies.

It was a sooper greyt day and ah am soooo glad we went all the way to wittering for the GBGW, I got to spend the day with my fwends old and new and walk on the sooper soft sands and haff cake and wabbit curry.

Cant wait until next years GBGW 


  1. Cracking blog you have here. Lovely dog, its always nice to see a dog that is well travelled.


    1. Thank you :) She is a lovely hound our Catty. (as of course was "Eddie" who enjoyed many adventures with us)

      We very much enjoyed your blog too :)