Tuesday 26 June 2012

Portchester Castle with Minnie, Mickey and Bobsta

On my way back from West Wittering we stopped off at Portchester Castle for a playdate with Minnie (greyhound), her furever luff Mickey (JRT) and their new brother Bob (Greyhound).

We did lots of hexplorings together. Bob had to stay on his lead coz him new and him still a bit a scardey dog still of the big outside so him would be too scared to hexplore. Me, Minnie and Mickey did lots sniffing all around. Mickey did looking for rats in all the holes.

Me and Minnie Hexploring

Me and Bob!! :)

Mickey hexploring holes

Me and Minnie :)

Mickey thought to look in the mowt for rats

Minnie thought to help him and got a bit ... stinky! 

Minnie after her trip in to the mowt with her luff Mickey! 

Me and Bob laffing at Minnie being all stinky

It was sooper luffly to meet Bob, Minnie, Micky and my Ontie Jayne (Their hooman). 
Also Portchester Castle is a luffly place to hexplore the grounds of which you can get in to for free (I dont know if dogs are allowed IN the castle or not but the grounds are luffly!)

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