Thursday 2 August 2012

Zoomies on Exmouth Beach with Harvey and Tessamaraner

me and mah luff H

I was sooooo hexcited on Wednesday morning coz it
was the day I was going on a quick car ride around the waters to Exmouth to meet my good fwends Harvey the Labrador and Tess the Weimeraner for Zoomies. 
Harvey is mah furever luff and Tess is sooper adorables. 


Me and Harvey doing zoomies

Me following Harvey

Me watching Harvey sniffing. 

we did sooper lots of sniffing and zooming and more sniffing. Harvey did some paddling and Tess did sooper zoomies up and down and back and forth. 

We met lots of other fwends to do sniffing and zooming with and I did some lying down on the sand which is mah favorite - when ah iz not zooming! 

Ah luff mah Harvey and mah buddy Tessamaraner. <3


  1. That's a much better beach than ours for zooming.

    1. Most our beaches down here are luffly. we have a couple of stoney ones but most them are like this or with very tiny shells and stones not hooge rocks.

  2. My name is Laika and my mummy is a Labrador and my hooman says my daddy was a border collie who jumped in my mummies hoomans window and she had me and my puppy brothers and sisters a few weeks later. I don't really understand that. But I love zoomies too! I did them on my holidays on a beach in France but when I am at home I do zoomies in the farmers fields near my house! There is a lot of very very good sniffing and sometimes lovely rollings about! When I do that I have to go in the shower and have the smelly shampoo stuff on though :-( I wish I could come and do zoomies with you and your friends in Exmouth! I can zoom really fast! Luv Laika xxx

    1. Hi Laika. Where do you live? I only just learnt to do zoomies recently so I am making the most out of it. You are a mix of my 2 favourite kinds of doggies then. ah love collies and labs. ofcourse my most favorite is still other greyhounds.

  3. Nothing like exploring the land with your best friends. I have a border terrier which I take everywhere. Camping, fishing, etc. Thanks for sharing your adventure. :)