Thursday 2 August 2012

Harbour View Cafe - Exmouth

Harbour View Cafe
Queens Drive

We were in Exmouth and looking for somewhere to get a drink and some chippys for lunch. We had tried get some from one the huts but they didn't sell chips, they had a sign telling us to go to the harbour view cafe if we wanted to eat chips. So that is what we did! 

The Harbour view cafe is a bit like an old rest stop cafe you see in the smaller service stations when travelling. It is quite a small building (but not tiny!), it has the counters all along one side of the room, with chalk boards above telling you what they have on offer. Once you have ordered you are given a little ticket and the man calls your number when he has cooked your dinners. 

So after looking at the menu (there's a smaller version on the wall outside the cafe) we found a seat and then went to order dinner. We ordered a large chips, a plate of bread and butter and a bacon baguette. 
After a little wait the man yelled our number and my hooman boy went to collect the plates from the counter. 

The plate of chips was HUGE enough to serve a whole group of little hoomans. My hooman girl made chippy butties with them and the bread and butter (the bread was luffly and fresh and the butter was real nommy butter). Hooman boy gave me the fatty bits off the outside hims bacons from his HUGE baguette and hooman girl gave me the bread bones off her butties. 

For the doggies they have water bowls dotted around both inside and out and you can buy a bag of doggy bikkies for .50p from the counter. 

There is outside seating over looking the harbour I do believe although we sat inside the cafe. 

They have toilets for the hoomans which mah hooman girl said were clean and tidy and had all the necessary "bits" for use. 

Thinking of returning one day for a cooked breakfast and a run on the beach afterwards. 

(will add some pics later when I find them!) 

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