Wednesday 5 September 2012

Torbay Dog Show - 25th August 2012

We set off for a random field early Saturday morning - well it wasn't that early but any way - as we were going to investigate at the Torbay dog show in Brixham. There was to be stalls and a dog show and agility and noms.
We did haffing to drive up a big lane and in to a field wiff the car. When we did arriving we did some sniffing around. Ah met a big boxer dog and then ah went went to a tent to register to do showing mahself off in the pedigree classes. I entered in "prettiest bitch" and was given a number to wave at the judge.
We went to look around at the stalls; the Brixham pirates were there. So we barked with them for a while about the Brixham Pirate Thursdays and the Pirate Festival.

Then it was time for the dog show  to start. 1st up was the puppies - dem was quite fun to watch bouncing around.

Next up was best pedigree bitch and my turn to strut mah stuff. Ah knew I wasn't going to do very well but it's all good fun and an experience. Not surprisingly I didn't place.

Next up I popped over and tried out some agility - they had jumps and a dog walk and a tyre. was good fun and it 1st time I ever done the dog walk.greyt fun!

Then we walked around a bit, talked to some hoomans, sniffed some bottoms, bought some tombolla tickets and even had my photo taken by a professional photography studio

Soon it was time to enter the AV classes. I entered AV vetrun, best rescue and prettiest bitch.

 I came 2nd in best vetrun and 4th in best rescue - wooooohoooo! :)

It was a greyt day out - even if it did get quite wet!

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