Sunday 12 August 2012

Me doing werkings at Lush Exeter raising awareness and funds for The Greyhound Sanctuary

So today I was plucked from my bed - well off the rug in the center of the room - fastened in to my car harness and whisked off to the shopping center.
We parked in a sooper dark, sooper echoy multi-story car park - which was sooper scary so as soon as I was unbuckled I ran for the door and out to the street dragging hooman girl behind me (We left hooman boy at home!).
We walked up the road and through the outside bits of a big church, past a bunch a shops before we came to a stand still outside of a really luffly smelling shop.
As soon as we stopped a luffly brindley noze popped out of the shop and said heywo. It belonged to Teddy a sooper luffly houndy. We did saying heywo then a man from the shop came sed heywo to mahself and told us we could do standing outside now and make everyone luff on us. Apparently ah wuz here to do werkings.
Ah wuznt shure if ah wud sooper luff werkings, it looked difficult but I'll give everything a go once.
Me and Teddy werking
So I went outside, stood by a poster wiff lots luffly homeless hounds on it. and did mah best luff me stare to hoomans who were walking past. It werked. Lots hoomans came over to rub mah head (and Teddy's head of course) some them brought their pennies and put them in our big bucket and some had small hoomans who smelt sooper luffly.

We wuz joined by Ellie a sooper luffly black girlie hound who sooper luffed to do her shopping in Lush, her kept running back inside to do more sniffing of the shop and the girl hoomans and boy hoomans in the shop.
We all looked sooper luffly together doing us werkings outside of the shop and telling everyone how amazing we are as pets.
Lots hoomans told me they will consider a greyhound next time they get a dog and some said they would do sponsoring a dog.
It wuz sooper luffly and greyt doing werking, ah think ah quite luff it. when can ah next do mah werking???

Yooz can find out more about the sooper hoomans at Lush on their official website and yoo can see the shop ah did visiting on their facebook group   There's also fotos of mahself on there :)


  1. J_Loaf from Twitter here, Cat! Keep up the good work, you lovely hound:0).

    1. Heywo Tinas Hooman daddy :) fankyews ah tried keep up mine greyt werk :) thank yews fur saying ah luffly hound yooz luffly hooman :)