Sunday 21 October 2012

Blenheim Farm Campsite - Nottingham

We went up to Notts for the Greyhound Gathering event and we decided to stay the full weekend to make the most of our trip! we stayed Friday - Monday with the GGG on the Saturday
We found Blenheim farm on UK Campsite and contacted them via the website to enquire on availability – quick response from them confirming space and details advised to call to book and pay deposit
When called staff were helpful confirmed details with us and processed the booking! There was a minor issue with the payment process but they took our details and processed it after the call so that we did not have to wait and then sent a text to confirm payment had gone through and the booking was made

Location – Site is behind a trading estate and next to an airport which did mean it was busy/noisy at early hours with delivery lorrys loading up from the warehouse but not so noisy that it was a huge problem! We had problems finding the site we used the postcode they suggested but the sat nav sent us the other side the trading estate but once we had worked out where we needed to be it was easy to find!

The Site – If you are in a tent with no EHU then you are in the top field which is fine but take a torch because if you need get up to use the facilities in the night you need to walk between two ponds/lakes to get there and if you aren't careful you could very well end up getting wet
The site is quite small (not tiny) it is basically one field with a pond separating the EHU side from the non EHU side

Facilities – Site has male and female toilets a unisex shower room (a room with one shower cubical and a sink) washing up facilities and drinking water

Toilets – Were clean female toilets has 3 cubicles with the sinks and a mirror in the communal area
At one point there was no soap in the male toilets in early evening/late afternoon staff informed who said they were aware but there was still none available at bed time (10 o clock in evening) the temp controls on the sinks didnt seem to work even if you set it to cold it would still run warm

Showers – The shower room is a good idea as it ensures privacy to shower and a dry area to dress after as opposed to what you find in a lot of sites where you have to try dress in the wet room style cubicle that you have just showered in however the water temperature wasnt good it kept jumping from hot to cold and didn't seem to have a middle “warm” setting and with there only being one shower it meant it wasn't available when required at times (even though it is a small site)

Price – good price think was £15 per night for 2 adults in a tent no charge for dogs 5/5 for price
Location – 4/5 was difficult to find and up a narrow lane with potholes etc
Facilities – 4/5 they were very nice and clean but few issues with water temperatures

No children allowed due to the ponds/lakes Dogs allowed on lead (watch out for the resident dog who roams free we almost ran him over at one point as he popped out from behind the hedge on the bend by the pond right in front of our car) They also have chickens on site!

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