Saturday 29 September 2012

Play Date wiff Rappa Roo

When we finally got to Nottingham on Friday we went to meet my twitter buddy Rappa for a walkies at his local watering hole. 

Come on Cat I'll show you around...

So I decided to interview him about his park:

Me: Hi Rappa. Can you please tell me what your park is called?

Rappa: Thank you for your question Reporter Cat. My park is the Valley Road Watermeadow in Nottingham.

Me: Thank you Rappa. and when did you 1st discover Watermeadow park?

Rappa: mum used to take her last dog Millie, but it hadn't been landscaped then. When I arrived three years ago we went down to find all the luffly reed beds and ponds.

Me: Luffly :) can you tell us what sort of things you see at watermeadow?

Rappa: We have two herons who regularly come down to feed on the fish and frogs. There's also a luffly Kingfisher we have ducklings every spring, and last summer a family of swans popped in. We also have watervoles.From the Watermeadow we can see rush hour traffic on the ringroad but it's really quiet, relaxing, watching the world go by.

Me: Do alot of dogs go walkies here?

Rappa: yes, it's popular for local dogwalkers. A real mix - greyhounds, Rottweilers, Collies, Airdales, Spaniels - most stay on the lead as it can be very muddy

Me: What is your favorite thing about Watermeadow?

Rappa: it's a small park with regular friends so I love seeing my buddies, but also I love that the morning sunshine shines on us and in the winter the frost and mist shines on all the cobwebs and it's the most gorgeous place you could imagine.
Rappa checking out the water. 

Me: and do you have a least favorite thing? or anything we should watch out for? 

Rappa: my least favorite thing is the rocks across the stream when it's been raining - I'm ok but mum says they can be slippery slidy.

Me: Thank You for telling us about your park Rappa! Do you have any closing comments or anything else you want to tell the readers?

Rappa: The real magic of my park is thanks to all my friends and their owners who helped me so much when I came out of racing kennels as a very nervous dog. They helped my mum turn my life around and I luff them.

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