Thursday 8 November 2012

Devon Dog Meet Up

Me waiting for my fwends 

Last weekend we went to one of the local beaches for a play date with some of my doggy friends - There was a whole selection of us! There was a greyhound (me)  ,2 whippets,a lurcher,a whole bunch of border terriers , a spaniel and more! 

Poppy and Pixie
We all met up in the park to wait until everyone had arrived , then we went over to the beach where we ran and jumped and zoomed and sniffed and ate treats and got fusses

Bazil has his eyes on a borlie

Bazil playing with Maisie 

Bessie having a shout at Bazil

Me hexploring the rock pools

It was a soopa soopa day out and I think us go make it a regular playdate! :) YAY!! *claps paws*

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