Wednesday 5 December 2012

The GRWE Hound Xmas Pawty 2012

On Sunday (2nd December 2012) we got up earlies and went on a long wheelies wide up the M5 back towards Brizzle (where us use to live) cept us stayed on the M5 a bit longer and we went to a place called Gloucester!

When we got out the car we was at a farm and there was a cat running around but orlso there was GREYHOUNDS in one of the barns. WOW!!! I did going over to see what was happening and bark with a hooman lady who asked us my name and the number on the wheelies and took some paper monies off us!

So we went on over to the barn where they were giving hoomans hot drinks and cake on one table and selling nice things on some others. There was bizkwits and sqweeky toys and cowts and books and other things too!

Bob Grey
Then mah fwend Bob did arriving what was soopa coz ah neffa met him in the fur before so we did sniffing each ovas and getting fusses off each uvas hoomans :)

Then a lady did coming and saying we could haff a run in the big barn wat dem uses fur greyhound playgroup. We did haff to put face cages on to do our running though. Lucky the hoomans had packed the face cage in preparation.

We all lined up and put our face cages on. There was mahself, Bob, a fluffy bum, a black grey what needs a home and a soopa bouncy pointy nose all going do our run togeva.

Play Time!
It was soopa doing playing wiff mah fwends cept ah really didnt like wearing my face cage again coz I juz learned last year to not need my face cage on fur every walkies I not even weared it once since like December last year and that was only cuz us went to a country park wiff anipals running around. I did try quite lots to get mah face cage off but I orlso did some zooming wiff the others and some sniffing and a big poop BOL 

After the play session we went back to the small barn and seen my fwends Shadie and Georgie had done arriving so us did saying heywo and talked wiff der hoomans. Ontie Jenny had brought Harringtons Training Treats to share around - she knows how much ah luff dems too. 

Shadie :)
Georgie :) 

The table what was giffing the hoomans coffees and bizkwits wuz now giffing dems chilli and pizza and cakes and cwisps. nom nom nom! 

Den a ikle bit laterz Penny did arriving wiff Woofy (and Binky and Noodle) and us all did saying heywo to hers and a bit later still Ontie Rachel comed wiff mah bestest hound pal Sweepy and his soopa new bruva Tiger (or wotshisname as he's become known as) so us all did saying heywo to dems and Tiger and Georgie did going in the barn for a play as well (everyone who wanted to got to haff a go!).

Wotshisname Tiger enjoyed his 1st outing with his furver family :)
Every one did swapping Christmas cards and pwessies too and I got a luffly new santa hat off Georgie and Shadie what was soopa lucky coz ah haff lost da one ah had alwedy! Bobs mum made bizkwits fur us all too :) 

Then it was time to say bye to all our fwends but the hoomans did chat chat chat soopa lots before we finally made it back to our wheelies BOL 
Sweepy showing us his happy face <3
After we left we had do stopping again coz hooman girl needed get herself some noms before her cud drive us home in the dark and rain back to Devon. (her being a vegetablist her didn't get much noms at the Christmas pawty. 

We had a soopa day out and greyt fun but it was brrrrr cold!!! 

                                              Merry Christmas every pawdy :) 

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