Monday 17 December 2012

A box came for me! :)

I was out fur mah walkies the other day and when I got home hooman girl sed der was a box fur mahself what had come to the door whilst I was goned! 
I got her to open it fur me coz ah not got posable fumms! and inside it was a bag of Harringtons puppy kibbles and FIVE bags or Puppy and Junior treats.  (yes I do know I'm 11 years old and therefore NOT a puppy at all!). 
I had won these on twitter - Basil the Harringtons dog has been doing a 12 days of Christmas competition. Every day for 12 days Basil and Harringtons are posting a tweet that you have to RT and then they choose one winner (I assume at random, I didn't read the "small prints") and apparently I had one the puppy noms (I almost won wabbit noms the day before).

So any hoos. I won some puppy noms, they are little heart shaped treats (just like my number one favorite training treats are) These ones are chicken and rice flava! They be soopa soopa nommy ALMOST as good as the liver training treats.  and greyt fur when I am out on adventures, zooming on the beach or strutting my stuff at a dog show. 
I am going to donate the kibbles to the raffle for the Greyt Charity Dog Meet  (can you still call it donating if its your event?) but I go keep the treats coz a hound can NEVER haff enuff treats! 

Thanks Basil and Harringtons! <3 

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