Wednesday 12 December 2012

I'm dreaming of a GJW Titmuss Christmas ...

So GJW Titmuss set the pet bloggers amongst us a Christmas Blogger Challenge.
We had to go to their website  and choose from their products what we would ask Santa Paws for - we had 200 virtual pounds to spend on our pressies!

 So I  did looking on GJW Titmuss  at all the PAWSOME things on offer - and there was ALOT to look at.
They have treats and beds and food and training things and leads and collars and ... all sorts!

I started off with an agility jump a bit like this one because I soopa luffs to do "up-ups" when I have had a go at agility at dog shows over the summer and would love one of my own! This one costs 30.63
Then I thought it would be good to have a "self heating pet pad" to help keep me snug and warm when we go camping especially in the not sooper hot time of years. This one is 14.99
Next I looked at treats - Some of my favorites are Pedigree Twisters  so I choosed some of those at 1.49 for a pack of 3 
Next I thought of munchy chews I like to nibble on these of an evening curled up on the sofa watching a Christmas movie. These ones come in a pack of 25 and cost 3.95
Then I noticed these Natures:menu Beef treats  Now I have never tried these but I have had natures menu food before so I think these would be a soopa nice treat - and they cost 1.45 to buy! 
Then the hooman girl poked me and said "Hey Cat could we get one of them treat bags so I dont always end up with a pocket full of treat crumbs at the end of a walkies?" I choosed this camouflage one by Clix coz I like the look of the design (you all know we like camo by now right?) This one would cost 7.14 of our virtual moneys. 

Next I choose a thunder shirt because as most of my readers know I have a severe fear of fireworks and in fact was diagnosed with a "pathological anxiety disorder" which means that sometimes every day normal situations make me have panic attacks. I am alot better than I was though :) (Here's a really complicated article on Pathological anxiety in animals if any one is interested!) These thundershirts cost 30 pounds. 

The Thundershirt on a Labradoor
Me on firework night this year after I heard a bang. (The blankies were to help me feel more secure)

OK so I thought to also shop for a new collar and lead :) You can never have enough right? I spotted this camouflage collar and knew I had to have it. It will cost 3.39 and I would like PAWSOME in it. I luff camo remember :) it also has a matching lead costing 4.29 
Think I spended about half my pennies now - Shopping is hard work think I need a nap! 


Okay shopping trip part 2 ...

Now I am not a big fan of *shudders* baths but needs must and I figure if I'm going to have a b..b..bath then I should make it wort while. I seen this Diamond White shampoo  and I think this will help me look even more shiny and bootimus that I already am :) This costs about 6 pounds.

Every time I get ... *swallows* ... bathed; I get the full treatment too. So I think I need some new Nail clippers ; The ones we have are really old now so new ones would be nice. These ones are 6.50.

Ofcourse after I am bathed I need to be dried and GJW Titmuss have this fab easidry towel which is shown to reduce grooming time by 60% and that can only be good news (I could also use it at the beach to dry out after a dip in the sea or at camping when the tent leaks - yeah it does that - or if it rains on walkies. It would be soopa usefuls) This large one costs 20 pounds. 
Here's a cute dog being dried :)

Hooman boy keeps saying we need to get a "runner" for the house - its only a small house I dont know why someone would want run around it but okay - I think instead of getting a pawson to run around the house we should get this mat for the floor by the door because our floors are quite slippery (they are like wooden but not actually made of wood) and when I come in from walkies with wet paws or if I do a body shake I some times fall over which at my aging age is not sooper good for my long legs to be doing. This luffly one is 18 monies.

and for by the other door I would like this muddy paws mat I dont need the spaniel with it thanks :) This one would go by the back door for when I come in from the garden - I like to dig holes out there so I get VERY muddy paws then I run in and skid across the floor leaving paw prints everywhere and me doing a bambi impression! This one cost 11 pounds. 

Now not wanting to be greedy - hehe! - I will leave my shopping spree there :) 

Why not head over to GJW Titmuss yourself and tell them what YOU would put in your Christmas stocking :) 


  1. Thank You but after reading your entry earlier I will be VERY furprised if you dont get it! It has everything a good story needs!