Thursday 27 December 2012

Christmas Time in the Camping and Exploring Household.

For Christmas we was soopa busy. We went up to hooman grandads in Brizzle on Christmas eve with a whole car full of noms and pwessies and things, we did stay der all night and den in the morning it was time for Christmas. We opened stockings and had breakfasts then we went to visit the hooman puppies, then we went back to hooman grandads, opened more pwessies, had nommy din dins, watched room on a broom, did some snoozing and went back in the car to us home in Devon. 
On boxing day we had even more pwessies and noms but in the morning hooman girl had go walk in to the sea on my beach coz there was this event thing for the RNLI 

Here's some highlights 

Some of us pwessies at hooman grandads 

I need some more snoozes 1st

Having some snax from santa paws

Chrissie fosta dog waiting for another pwessie

She helped me open some of my pwessies from mah fwends

Hooman Grandad with his new hat!

Chrissie opening some of her pwessies from santa paws

I a pirate and I taking this ship as mah own! 


DinDin time

Post Dinner walkies - Cat

Post Dinner walkies - Chrissie

Christmas walkies 

Hooman girl in her new hat and hoodie


Hooman girl got whirlygig calender - her happy :)

Me wiff all mah pwessies - well actually some of them, there was more ;)

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