Thursday 27 December 2012

Wagg Wagg Wagg

We were heading out for walkies last week when the man in red came walking down the road towards us! We decided hang around to see if he had anything for me so we wouldn't have to go all the way to the red building to pick up my parcels - AGAIN!!! 
Of course he did in fact have a package for me - why would he bother even getting out of bed if not to bring me nice things right?!  
I got hooman girl to open the package for me coz I'm far too important to open my own mail and inside was a box of Wagg'mmms from my pal Dalton at Wagg (You didn't see that coming did you?) 
Wagg'mms are the new biscuit treat in Waggs range. They come in 3 nommy flavas. Liver (what these ones were), Chikens and Salmon. 
Wagg said...
"For a tasty crunchy biscuit treat, with no added sugar, for your dog why not try Wagg'mmms with Liver.  Our Wagg'mmms with Liver have been specially formulated with vitamins A and E to help support a healthy immune system in your pet dog. Wagg'mmms with Liver also contain yeast which will help your dog maintain a healthy digestion.
The delicious bone shaped biscuits are a handy size to take out and about whilst walking and can be fed as a tasty treat or training reward. The crunchy biscuit texture will also help to keep your dog's teeth and gums clean."
So of course I had to do a taste test. then fosta sista came and stole them *shakes head* 

I did taking some notes on the noms though. 

Size - they are quite big but not TOO big so good as a snack or a training treat (but maybe break dem in half or quarter for a training treat)

Shape - dem shaped like bones *nods*

Flava - dem liver flava (I thinks dese wud be my fav out of the 3 flavas dem make) and really nommy. I dont normally eat bizkwits coz ah haff no tuffs but ah crunch crunch crunch dese up. 

Good stuff - dey haff vitamins and yeast and things what dey say is good fur us and dont have nasty stuff in dem like sugar and salt and apparently the hoomans care about dese things. 

I give these noms 4 out of 5 coz der always room fur improvements right?

Thanks Dalton *Mwah!* 

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