Monday 28 January 2013

Milgi Coats Walking out coat.

So I been saying fur a while "I need a new coat" and finally the hoomans agreed (after an unfortunate tumble drying incident wiff my current coat) so since our friends Milgi Coats  make some luffy coats and were offering 10% discount with our special discount code I decided to do some shopping. I browsed their website and decided there was 2 coats I liked. The pink star and the red star. 

I did some thinking and choosed the red stars. 
1) coz my fav colour is red 
2) coz the pink one was quite "busy" and might make me look a bit confoosing to fwends at the beach what dont understand fashion
3) coz Milgi Coats gave me the red star bandanna for Christmas and it will look good with matching. 

And today the red van man did bring me a parcel :) 

I wasn't home but as soon as I got home and saw my parcel I had try on my new coat. 

From the front 

Side view 

And  from the front with matching bandanna to complete the look
Cats Verdict  

  •  The coat is lined with breathable (???) cotton flannel so the insides are soft and warm. 
  • The coat shows off my natural curves bootimussly - makes me look luffly and sleek
  • If you are a more bulky hound (*mumbles behind paw* like I am) you might find the fit across the chest a bit tighter. It doesn't restrict my walking though (will test it for lying down and zoomies soon!) 
  • I like the funky designs and that Milgi Coats only uses each design for a limited run so there will only be a limited amount of same coats made not every hound will have the same red star coat as me. 
  • Most of the coats come with a co-ordinating bandanna to complete the look
  • They cost 22GBP each which is good value I do think. (even less if you use our 10% discount code!) 
  • They come in sizes 20" - 30" so covers most size of greyhound that are made. and for you longer hounds Milgi coats offers a bespoke service so you wont be left out. 
  • Velcro fastening around waist BUT you cant see it when I wearing it. It looks like...seamless! 
  • They cover bottoms nicely and are longish at sides (something I find with a lot of coats my deep chest isn't covered so 1. I get cold and 2. when I lie down my coat pops up around my shoulders)
Note: To give you an idea of fit - my coats a 28" and I am approx: 26" shoulder to floor and about 27 - 30kg (with a broad chest) 

Get your paws on your own coat from and dont forget enter discount code "DAWLISH10" at checkout to receive your discount and 1 pound from each sale will go to supporting our fundraising too :) 


Adventure testing the Milgi coats walking out coat

Wind tunnel test ...

The lying down test ... 

Zoomies test ....

Just a foto of me looking pwitty modelling my coat 

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