Saturday 26 January 2013

The snow finally came to visit us.

I was getting quite worried coz all my anipals had been playing in the snow and was telling me what a greyt time they had been having running and jumping and zooming in the cold stuff but there had been no snow at my house at all - not even one flake! 

I so wanted there to be snow at my house coz the last time we had snow (when we lived in Brizzle) I wasn't allowed off my lead coz I was still wanting to chase everything and not do listenings (I only learnt to go off mine lead when we moved to Devon last year and I still practicing getting it right) so I wanted there to be snow what I could do my zoomies in! *nods* 

Finally on Toosday nite when I did get up to go out fur my nite time wees I looked out the door and .... it was snowing and everything had done turning white! 


So on Wednesday morning mahself, mah hoomans and mah fwend Holly (her a terrier) and Holly's hooman did go to the local golf club - coz they had more snow that side the hill than we had our side the hill - for zoomies and sniffings and snow licking. 

Here's some highlights! 
Hooman boy building a snow dog

Admiring the snow
Me and Holly playing

Wow! this is GREYT!!

Can yoo see us?

Cooling down after a zoom!!

play time! 

Holly showing her little dog zoomies! 

I'm going to get yooooo!!!

I doing a paw stand whilst Holly keeps watch

My little fwend Holly getting her borlie!

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