Thursday 21 February 2013

In-Animal Objects - What are you scared of?

I had an email the other week from my friend Louise at Money Supermarket  she was asking me for some input on a survey they were going to run. This is what she had to say :

Here at MoneySupermarket, we’re planning to conduct a pet survey to find out what pets are scared of and the sorts of strange things they love. Like, for example, my little dog Harvey absolutely loves balloons (your guess is as good as mine as to where the obsession has come from!) and would never be without his teddy

Heres the fotos to prove her point

Any way of course I jumped at the chance to be involved in the survey and as many of you will know I have alot to say on the subject of fears.

So last week I got a follow up email from Louise with the link to the survey in. They were asking questions such as "what makes you jump?" and "how do you react when you come in to contact with something that scares you?" and "what strange objects do you like?" I did filling in the survey and I thought to share it with you too so you could give Money Supermarket your thoughts on the matter also. To get involved just click here and you will be taken to the survey! 


  1. Amazing! My dog Del is friends with Harvey in real life- really pleased that Harvey is now famous!

    Love your blog, am now officially a follower :)