Wednesday 27 February 2013

A Boat Ride to Meet Harry the Spaniel @spanielharry

So this morning the hoomans packed my bag and got me dressed to go on a wheelies ride, we drove for a bit (stopped to go to the bank so hooman girl cud pay fur our next camping adventure) and then got to a place called Kingswear; now I been heers before but we comed by train last time! . We parked the wheelies and walked down the hill towards the waterz where we stopped and I got admired by some other hoomans.

Then we had walk down a big metal thing like a bridge

When we got to the bottom we queued up to get on a BOAT! 
Here she comes
Sniffing the sea air
I jumped on board and choosed a good place to stand to watch from 

Then I asked the hooman on the boat fur a ticket to the uva side

When we got to the uva side we walked up the road past the park and waiting fur us wuz .... HARRY!! 

Harry is a very faymus spangle, he wrote a booky called "Help, my dogs on twitter"  you'll recognise him from when I interviewed him late last year when he told me about his booky and his favourite place for an adventure (what was the beach!).
So we did sniff each uva, and get fusses off each uvas hoomans. Harry did show an impressive greyhound lean spangle stylee and knock mah hooman girl ova in da mud wen her wuz fussing himself BOL
Fusses and tummy tickles from mah hooman 
Harry couldnt stay to bark very long coz hims grandmas coming and his sisfur Maggie wuz waiting in their wheelies. But before him left we had a foto taken together and arranged to do beach zoomies together when the coldness goes away and the sun comes out which will be soopa! :)

Follow Harry on Twitter @spanielharry 

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