Thursday 14 March 2013

Weekend Camping - Just me and my girl!

So I have been thinking for a while that I need to go up to Portsmouth again and see my good fwend Sir Elfie   as he was the one what taught me how to play with others last year when I visited with him for the GBGW and I wanted to show him how I much I learnt!

So I did looking on the interweb for somewhere to stay fur the nite and founds a nice sheeps farm what I could stay at so I did do orl the booking and paying fur that (well hooman girl did coz  dem wudnt accept bookings from a hound or something!)

So Saturday morning comes and I was rudely pulled from my bed at 6am, taken fur wees and put in to the car (after putting my harness and seat belt on of course!) Hooman girl did lots of driving and I took the opportunity to catch up on my sleep that I had missed out on when I was taken to the car in the middle of the night.

Any ways, us did getting to West Wittering and had to drive up this really bumpy holey lane to get to the sheeps farm. We did arriving and it was only 0915am so the driving didn't take long at all really. It went soopa fast!

Us went to the reception bit of the farm to tell the farm hoomans we had arrived .... but no one was there :( So us did ringing the mobile fone to let them know we wuz heer ... but there was no answer :( So we did ring the office numba that was on the door ... but no one said heywo! We left a message fur them to do ringing us wen dem wuz quite ready to talk. We waited outside the farm fur a likkle bit, Had a smorl walk around so I could stretch mah legs and do my wees. But still no one came to say heywo to us. *sigh*

So I made the decision to go back down to Portsmouth to meet my good fwend Sir Elfie (plus his sisfur Moo, their hooman puppies, our fwend Rex and the hoomans) and I would come back laterz to put the tent up at the farm.

We did getting to Portsmouth (or Eastney actually!) and I did sit on the beach fur a little bit to eat my bwekfast and get my walkies outfit on. I sended Elfie a message on the fone to say we wuz heer and him did say we wuz a bit in the wrong place and to walk up towards his house and him wud meet me and show me where to goze to get to our adventure. So that's what we did.

Once I had found Elfie, Moo, Ontie Jenn and the hooman pups we walked up the road and I sore lots and lots of boats what wuz soopa hexciting, I luff boats. Then we walked across a bridge and Q up to get on a soopa boat that will take us to a island where we can run and zoom and hexplore and sniff and orl sorts.

Heer we are on the boat....

We arrived on the island (it like a 5 min ride) and met Rex and his hooman there. Then we walked ova to the  sand joons and beach and some hexploring. 

Heers some highlites...

Elfie doing showtink at Moo and mahself watching him!

Heywo Elfie

Mahself wiff littlest hooman puppy and biggest hooman puppy

Molly gets a head start on the race

The luffly Molly Moo and Sir Elfie

Think I'll go for a little dip

All line up for a race 

And they're off!

Zoomies through the splashy sea
Cooling down after all the hexcitement
After the adventure we all stopped for a lie down and noms at the cafe before getting the boat back

Once we were back on earth and we said bye bye to Elfie and Moo; I walked back to the wheelies and we drove back to the campsite to see if any one was home this time.

They was ... Wooohooo! Dem did telling mahself dem must of been looking after new baby lambs when I came earlier. So any way. We arrived, told the hoomans we was heer and the one hooman did showing hooman girl the options of where we could put the tent for the night. There's like - I dunno - 5 paddocks what you can put your tent or caravan/campervan/motor home in. We chose the 1st once coz it was nearest and that just makes most sense. The hooman said to not put the wheelies on the grass coz of all the mud and things and instead coz them not busy just to leave the wheelies by the gate in to the paddock thing. There was only one other hoomans staying and they had parked their motor home on the pathway that runs up in front all the other paddocks (not infront of ALL of them it wud be a hoooge wheelies to do that).

Any ways. Hooman girl put the tent up and I soopervised (I'm helpy like that!) Her did quite a soopa job since her had do it her ownself and it quite a soopa big tent really with just 2 hooman hands to use!

Heer I am infront of it *nods*

So let me tell you some good and not so good things about the campsite!

Well 1st of all the campsite is called Stubcroft farm and it is in Stubcroft lane, East Wittering 

Good Bits 

  • It's quiet
  • There's lots of space 
  • The farmer man wuz very helpy, showed us where to go and said if us need to ask anythink, want a map or directions or informations or anything to go tell him. 
  • It's close to West Wittering and East Head beach what is a soopa soopa place to visit for walkies and zoomies and paddling and picnics and things. Soopa! 
  • It has a shop onsite for "essentials" like wet wipes, snozzages, drinks, that kinda thing. 
  • Its "eco-friendly" it has lots of spesal hooman toilets and showers what is nice to the environment and lots of recycling bins. (Although I cant tell you anything about this or show you photos coz dem wuz orl locked up when we was there) 
  • It's easy to find. Prob best not to use a sat nav unless you do what we did which was instead of putting the posty codes in we put "Tile Barn Lane" in to the satty nav and it took us there. Then you just need turn on to Stubcroft lane and drive up the bumpy lane to get there.
  • It doesn't cost lots to stay there
  • It close to shops and take aways and things so you can go get noms
  • They allow firepits and BBQ's (if you use the stones provided)

Not so good bits  

  • There's BANGS. I do not luff bangs and things kept going BANG BOOM all the time. (I think wuz a bird scarer thing but it mite of been a hunter I dont know fur certains)
  • The lane to get to the farm is soopa bumpy and  full of holes and things (coz it belongs to the farm so it not nice and road like)
  • It soopa muddly so rememba yooz boots or wellys 
  • The washing up water taps didnt work (they prob will in summer though) 
  • They didnt answer their fones for ages and then said we shud of rang their mobile (but we did do that a bunch times!)


  1. Wow! What a fun day. It reminds me of when we go to the lake in Winnipeg (in Canada where I live). The race looked brilliant.

  2. That looks like so much fun!
    Daddy is hoping that we'll be able to go camping later this year and will definitely bear that farm in mind:-)