Wednesday 6 March 2013

The Edgemoor Hotel - Bovey Tracey - as recommended by Holly Terrier

Holly would like to recommend The Edgemoor Hotel in Bovey Tracey! Here's what she has to say!

Holly in the snow

We was going on dis hot date last munf for Auntie Lynne's birthday but was too icy then so went Friday instead. We go to Edgemoor Hotel, Bovey Tracey. Bit hexpensive, cording to Mummy, but twas for Auntie Lynne's birthday lunch so OK for special tweat. Mummy rang up & booked us table for 2 dogs & 2 Mummies in dog bar, table next to fire. Well me & Mummy arrived first...I was very 'cited. Jumped out of car and ran into garden (saw a squirrel there at Christmas Fair & just needed to check if it was still wasn't). Had a walk round the garden and did some excellent zoomies on the lawn. Went to reception with Mummy & was shown to our table, lovely comfy seats, roaring fire, jar of gravy bones on the bar. Lady was very helpful & dog friendly. Told her we was waiting for Auntie Lynne & Scooby and as soon as Mummy saw their car the lady went outside to greet them and show them the way. Got very 'cited when Scooby came in. We did some, smooching, some snuggling & I gave him my best love. Lady took scoffs order for Mummies (we had gravy bones already). Then she said we could play off leads and she would shut bar door so we could have fun & relax together. Scoobs & I explored every inch of room & scampered about rugby tackling each other. When the human food arrived we sat very nicely by our mummies and helped them eat it. Lady got us a big bowl of fresh water too so we did some slurping. Another mummy came in with her elderly terrier. We didn't play with him but we didn't try to eat him either. We had wonderful time & would recommend dis hotel for any special occassion / night out / bar snack when coming home from Dartmoor / etc. It is open to non-residents. They positively encourage dogs & walkers (mud not a problem !). You can also stay there with your dog. They have special rooms which open onto doggy lawn at back (that's where the squirrel lives). You can take all your meals in the doggy bar, pupdogs and Mummies & Daddies all together. In the summer they also have a lovely garden with sooper seats outside and good sniffs too but in winter the log fire in the doggy bar is just perfect. Scoobs and I were very happy with our hot date.

After that we went for a big long walkies round Yarner Woods (it's only about a mile up the road). Had a lovely walkies & did lots of zooming with Scoobs. That's the end of my report. Hope you enjoyed it. Love Holly Hols, lick, lick, slurp, slurp XXXX

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