Friday 19 April 2013

Me and my Twinny

 Some of you may have seen my good fwend Raffi before, he's a Moo dog like mahself and we duz do looking soopa alike (well we looked more alike before I got old and went grey). Raffi lives in the middle of the land so I dont see him much but him duz holidaying down here in Devon with his hoomans so we meets up and do sniffs and get fusses and Raffi duz some his singing, he has a bootimus voice.

So any ways Raffi has been on holibobs this week and so we met up for a catch up.

Here's Raffi having a looksee around the beach. (hims got some baddys on his legs coz him tells me him wuz eatted by a smorl dog at the holiday park him staying at - I thinks him juz wanted scars to match mahown scars)

and here I am on the beach :)

 and heres us together.

 We snuggles up to Uncool Ian to get some luffings and fusses.

come on guys follow me.

Raffi had to do bottom sniffing to make shure it wuz mahself, I lifted mah tail so him cud sniff better.
 Me with my twinny Raffi

 I got soopa luffing off Uncool Ian (Raffi's daddy) whilst hoomans had drinks in the pub.
and Ontie Ann (Raffi's muvva) gived mine self some noms what I settled down to chew on in the garden of the pub.

It was soopa seeing my twinny again. See you next munf in the middle of the land for the Bromsgrove Blue Cross Sponsored Walk and Tea Party. 

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  1. You and Raffi sure do look like twins. And looks like you had loads of fun!