Saturday 20 April 2013

Werking to show the public what GREYT pets greyhounds and lurchers make and collecting pennies for the Greyhound Sanctuary.

I spent this morning lying on the floor of Pets At Home in Exmouth showing all the hoomans that comed in to do shopping fur der dogs and cats and wabbits what wonderful pets us pointy noses make.

I got fusses from some hoomans and some hooman puppies, I wuz fed treats by a nice little hooman puppy and I sold some cakes and ask fur donations in the special bucket.

No one wanted to guess how many biskwits were in the bottle to win Tilly the duck. We had a go and guessed 140 biskwits, now us will wayt to see if we wuz right or not.

A few hoomans comed and arsked if us found Pwingle the missing whippet yet (which we have not but you can follow his story here)

Hard at werk!
All the pennies raised today and all weekend and all next weekend from the cakes and guess the biscuits and donations in the bucket and a raffle is goink to the greyhound sanctuary to help rehome and rescue more greyhounds and lurchers.


  1. Sounds like you did some great publicity and fundraising for the Greyhound sanctuary.
    Hope you win the duck!

    1. Thanks Misaki. I had fun and caught up on some snoozes whilst getting head fusses. You cant beat a good head fuss. x