Monday 20 May 2013

The adventures of Portland Cat

On monday morning (after breakfast and morning wees) we went for a drive up to portland bill 

Portland Bill is a nice area on a cliff top with rocks to climb, nice views and ... A lighthouse! (But this isnt dog friendly inside, we wud probably struggle with the stairs any way) 

We had a nice walk around looking at the water below and the lighthouse and climbed on some of the rocks (think they were what you call "portland stone") and we sat fur a while and ate some cake and had drinks on one of the rocks. 

There is a nice grassy area next to the stone bits what you can walk on and maybe have a picnic and enjoy the scenary (just dont go in thr fenced off area what be MOD and says "keep out dogs working")

Greyt things about Portland Bill !

~big reasonably priced car park
~lots of nice coast views
~lots to sniff and climb if you want to
~cafe on site
~local walks

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