Sunday 19 May 2013

Play date with Bran and Ernie

Once hooman girl had finally got the tent to stand up we set off to Bournmouth to meet up wiff my fwends fur walkies (well we got a bit lost, then we got stuck in traffic the we got a bit more lost then we got to Bran's house at long last)

We decided on going to the beach and so we drove down to the seafront (I've been here before for the Air Show) Bran showed me where we could walk now it was beach season which means that we can only zoom in certain places. We went on to the beach and all did zoomies and playing. Mahself and Ernie had races and played chase and bran did some solo zoomies and play bows (he's an indendant sort of guy) Ernie did some diving in the sea and chased some seagulls that were digging in to some cuttlefish for their dinner.

Cat and Ernie zooming (photo by Amanda Lawrence)

After we had used up all our energy we walked back to our wheelies and said bye to Ernie coz he had go get hims hooman puppy. Mahself, Bran, my hooman girl, Brans hoomans and Ontie Em all went back to Brans where the hoomans chatted and us hounds snoozed. Brans hairy hooman cooked dinner for the hoomans and he had made cake fur afters (it was all bery nommy if you ever get invited to brans I suggest you go). Once the hoomans were done chatting and nomming hooman girl said we had to go find the campsite again and make sure the tent was still standing and get the air beds inflated ready fur nite time (plus i still hadnt had dinner).

So we all said goodbye to each other and hairy hooman gave us some cake to take back to the tent with us.

I had soopa time, it was luffly to see my fwends again and get some proper pointy nosed playing in.

(Photo by Ontie Amanda Lawrence)

Thank you Bran and his hoomans fur haffing us over and fur the noms and Ernie fur playing wiff mahself, it was lots of pointy nosed fun!

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