Thursday 6 June 2013

Park Day 2.0 Follow-Up

So if you are a regular reader of mine bloggy (which I know you all are!) then you would of seen the park day bingo that a bunch of us was playing recently! 

Here's a reminder for those of you who missed it, as you can see I got a few BINGO's in mine which was soopa and I entered my linky on the relevent page to be considered to win one of the pawsome prizes being offered by the games sponsors, well today I had a message from Finn telling me to look out for this post about park day 2 on his blog, so I hopped on over to Finn's Blog and read his latest post (here it is so you can read it too) and in it Finn announced that I (Cat Greyhound of Camping and Exploring with Dogs) was the winner of  a KONG gift pack which duz sound soopa nommy! 

Thanks Finn and Gizmo for setting up the game, KONG (and the other sponsors) for donating prizes and Misaki who told me about the game coz without you I wouldn't of known any thing about it! 


  1. Just pawesome! Thanks for playing!!! Hope you enjoy your treats coming your way! I just answered your question back on my blog about the mall too.