Monday 10 June 2013

Summer Holiday - Day 3 Tintagel Castle

On day 3 of our summer holiday to Cornwall we drove all the way to Tintagel to visit the castle  what is "apparently" the place where king Arfur lived and his magician Merlin liffed in the cave at the bottom the cliff (I not shur why when Arfur had a hooge castle right there).

We had walk down a really steep slope to get to the castle estate bit and then up billions of steps (apparently there's over 100 but I not shur how many more than 100 there are) to get to the castle.

The castle isn't really there any more, it sorta fell down a long time ago (or the land moved and its under the earth I dont know its not there any way!)  but its a nice place to walk around and look at the bits that are still there and the views are soopa too.

There's a beach at the bottom but its quite hard to get to coz its a big step down and over rocks what is something I couldn't manage so I didn't get to go on the beach here, juz look at it!

After all that climbing I was hexorstid (so was the hoomans) so we took advantage of the land rover service and got a ride back up the slope at the end! It cost £2 per hooman and 50p for mahself to haff a ride up the hill which was okay since it meant we didn't haff to walk any more.
In the landy rover back up the hill
I needed some help to get in the land rover (hooman girl had to lift me in - I hate being picked up so I did not enjoy this one bit!) but it was a nice ride and the driver was a nice hooman, he has a weimi a bit like my fwend Tessamaraner cept bigger wiff smorler luggs *nods*

Once we was up top I jumped out the land rover and we went over to the pasty shop opposite (Pengenna) they make soopa pasties what we tried last time we was in Tintagel so we bought some to take back to the caravan wiff us and then we drove to Trebarwith Strand for lunch at the Port William .

After lunch we went to Trebarwith Surf Shop - I was allowed inside the shop what wuz soopa good news and the lady what werks there gived me soopa fusses and ear scritches. Mine hoomans bought some t-shirts wiff "trebarwith strand surf shop Cornwall" on dems and we got ice lollies too.

Then we went down on to the beach and I did some zoomies and we orlmost got cut off by the tide so got orl wet when we walked back to the wheelies!

Soopa day. Soopa hexorstid now. 


  1. Definitely a super day! I am sure that you are just exhausted!

  2. That sure is an incredible amount of steps! Glad you got a lift back!