Thursday 20 June 2013

Sandbar Praa Sands

We were going to spend some time at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek and so decided to check out a local bar for breakfast first.

Our good friend Emma from Crafty little sew and so  recommended Sandbar at Praa Sands to us so we headed on down to take a look!

It's a bit of a drive down windy lanes to reach the beach and bar and on the morning we visited ... it was raining (hard). We parked the car and walked over to sandbar. (we were going to check out the beach 1st but was sad to see that dogs are only allowed on here before 7am and after 7pm in peak season). We got to sandbar and was pleased to see they are definitely dog friendly (big sign outside telling is so!).

As you go in there's like a bar area with games machine and jukebox and some seating and then you can go under an archway in to a more formal eating area (but not soopa formal) with views over the beach (which would be soopa in the summer , not quite so soopa in the pouring rain!)

We chose a table and ordered our breakfasts (full english fur hooman boy, vegi breakfast fur hooman girl, sausage on the side fur me!) and waited fur them to arrive, In the mean time the hoomans drank coffee and I munched on a complimentary winolot shapes biskwit from the bar.

Vegetarian breakfast 

Full English
We all tucked in to the noms which were very tasty indeedy, no complaints to bark about!

I would very much like to come back here on a dry day or on an evening when I can do beach zoomies whilst I'm here. *adds return trip to Praasands and Sand bar Cornwall to list*


  1. Bach zoomies are definitely a reason for a return trip! The breakfasts both look delicious!

  2. Beach zoomies definitely in order...Your breakfasts look so different than ours...we'd have potatoes (or grits here in the South) where you have beans but those sossidges look great no matter where you're from

  3. Looks like a yummy breakfast to me, hope you get to do some zoomies next time:-)