Friday 21 June 2013

The Romp! Pet Atom Ball

The Romp! Pet Atom Ball is designed specifically for a dogs eyes as it utilities Dog friendly colours and high contrast patterns so we can see the toy and focus on it easier when playing.

Apparently dogs dont see colours in the same way the hoomans do, apparently we only see blue-violet and yellow. But I'm a sighthound so that doesn't apply to mahself ;)

Now I dont do toys. I'm much to important to play with toys so I asked my good friend Ludo to test the romp! pets atom ball for me...

Here's his writings! 

The “romp!pet” Atom Ball 

A Toy Test by Sir Ludo Smelly-Bottom (Aged 5) 

The lovely Cat Greyhound won this toy from the US playing bingo or something, but as she doesn't 'do' toys, she asked me to test and review it for her. So here goes.  

The Atom Ball comes in a funny package that has some funny glasses attached to it so that humans can see like us dogs, I don't know if they worked because my human doesn't  know what I see like! The ball is specially coloured (so they say) so that my eyesight will pick it out easily, and is a bright yellow and blue colour. It is shaped all knobbly so it rolls funny. 

Once it was out of the packet, I pounced on it straight away and gave it a good chewing. 

My human threw it around the room a few times and I chased it, and then chewed it some more. Then I chewed it a bit more. Then I took it into my little den to kill it properly but it just doesn't seem want to break.  In fact I've been chewing it now for about 20 minutes and haven't been able to break  it yet. Have been chewing it so much that my gums bled a little bit but that is not stopping me, and it still hasn't broke.   

Chasing it is fun because you don't know where it is going to roll to because of the knobbly bits, but it doesn't bounce much; it seems fairly strong so once you have caught it you can have a good old chew on it. 

It has now passed my “Ludo 30 Minute” test and is still in one piece … this doesn't happen with many toys! I even managed to kill a “Kong Jump 'n' Jack” in less than 30 minutes.  

Unfortunately, after about 45 minutes I managed to severely wound the toy, by pulling out the blue knobbly bits; then the it was easy to rip the yellow bit apart. 




So, to summarise: 

  • Quite fun to chase, but could do to be a bit more bouncy 
  • Certainly not long lasting (although to be fair it did better than many other toys). 
  • Very enjoyable to play with, even if not for very long. 
If you are the sort of dog that plays with toys without the need to attempt to destroy them, or you just use it for your human to throw for you and then you take it back to them, then you might like this. But if you are a chewer then it's not for you.


  1. Toy companies need to hire Sir Ludo as an official toy tester...Any toy that can make it past him must be truly indestructible

    1. Ludo informs me there are TWO toys that he has managed to not ded.

      Kong Original (which he's had since he was a puppy!) and a Ruff Dawg Twig *nods*

    2. In fairness I have mortally wounded two "Twigs", but I use them nearly every time I'm out and like to carry them on the way home from my walkies. But occasionally I like to sit down and have a good gnaw on them and chew the ends off.

      My bestest toy is a squeaky yellow bone that looks really flimsy that my Auntie Rita bought for me; it was only 95p from Wilkinsons ... but I never chew that up and like to chase it around the house and make it squeak when my human is trying to watch TV; it's also good for throwing at his feet when I want to play but he is busy with other things.

  2. Looks like it was fun but I would destroy it in 5 seconds..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie