Saturday 15 June 2013

Ship Inn - Par PL24 2AR

We visited the Ship Inn at Par twice during our holiday in St Austell (actually 2 days in a row!) for dinner and drinks.

The 1st visit was on Thursday evening around 7pm, we sat in the garden and the hoomans ordered their dinner. Hooman boy had the "steamer" what is a chilli burger covered in spicy hot sauce and jalapeno peppers and cheese and hooman girl had the vegtabalist stuffed mushroom burger (it's a mushroom wiff olives and onions and cheese and sunblushed tomatoes in a burger bun).

Hooman boy went in side to order the dinner and then we waited whilst enjoying the garden - There was lots of dogs coming and going!
The Garden

Me in  the garden

The food arrived quite quickly and we got stuck in.

The food was scrummy and both mine hoomans ate everything on their plates (I didn't even get anything)
They both really liked that the salad had balsamic vinegar on and the food was a good size and hot and tasted good.

The garden is nice, a good size and has undercover bits if you dont want to get wet in the rain or want to shelter from the hot sun. It also has a climbing "shoe" and slide for the hooman puppies.

So we had a nice evening at the ship inn and decided to go back on Friday night on way back from a day out.

We sat under the covered area coz it was raining tonight and we looked at the menu to see what to eat. It was still quite earlies so we had wait until half 5 when they start doing food before we could order.
When it was time to order hooman boy choosed the ship inn pie (beef and ale) and hooman girl being the hooman she is choosed the mushroom burger again. We orlso ordered garlic bread and cheesy garlic bread too.

The hooman from the pub came out and said we would have to wait for the pie coz them still being cooked from raw in the oven. At 6pm dinner was served!

Hooman boy thought his was soopa (and this time I got to try some of the pie meat and garlic bread) but hooman girl found they had done her mushroom different (she doesn't like different!) and thought it had tasted better on Thursday evening. She said the different was that on Thursday all the stuffing bits were big and on top the mushroom and the mushroom was quite soft but on Friday the cooky hooman had chopped all the stuffings up real small and put it IN the mushroom and also the mushroom was harder/chewy so when her bit it ... it all fell out!
Also the salad was a little .... AWOL all her got was some plain green leaves, no other salad and no dressing :(
But still her ate most of it up! but would of preferred a Thursday burger. Her does like that they do a decent vegetablist meal though, instead of just a soggy, greesy frozen vegetable burger you see in most pubs.

The Ship Inn Par

Polmear Par Cornwall PL24 2AR 01726 812 540


  1. Shame about the burger on the second night, maybe they had a different chef. Did you have any luck getting an tidbits on the second night??

    1. yeah I think a different hooman cooked it. It was still nice but not as nice as Thursday burger.

      I got some of hooman boys steak out of his pie *nods*